#1 Valet Storage Company in New York City

 Storage With Pick Up & Delivery: It's Simple!

We'll pick up and store your items in our secure storage units. 

Get them back at the touch of a button.

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1. We deliver empty bins and boxes for your smaller items

Your choice of sturdy bins, wardrobe boxes or banker's boxes

2. Pack your small items into the bins and boxes

Keep track of your items with photos and descriptions online

3. We pick-up and store bins, boxes and all larger items including furniture

In our secure climate controlled storage facilities

4. We return your items when you want them

Order any item back at the touch of a button

Get your items back at the touch of a button

Login to your account to see exactly what you have stored. Order it back at the touch of a button and we'll bring it to you... wherever you need it.

Your items safe, secure & protected

Your stuff is stored in our climate controlled storage facilities, with 24hr security. So whatever you store, you can relax with complete peace of mind. We also have additional coverage for accidental damage or loss available.

We do all the heavy lifting

We'll deliver free bins and boxes to you. We can help you pack and wrap your items and furniture. We'll pick everything up, store it, and return it when you need it, where you need it.