5 essential tips on storing collectibles

If you have collectible items, then chances are they are your pride and joy. These are the items you have been collecting for the past few years, in some situations even decades. The problem with collectible items is that they make you feel better and warm your heart, but they cannot be used in your daily life. As such, they are usually the first ones to go to storage once the situation in your household becomes tight. That being said, if you are thinking about storing collectibles in regular or valet storage, then you need to do your job in order to keep your items safe. Damaging one of your most precious items would be the worst thing ever. Well, it would certainly feel like it.

1. Use the right packing supplies when storing collectibles

In case you plan to put your items in reliable storage Manhattan has to offer, then there is one thing you need first and foremost – packing supplies. There is a whole list of supplies that you need to purchase if you are thinking about storing your items. For starters, you will need the right kind of moving boxes. They come in different sizes, with every size being right for certain groups of items.

Decorative boxes to use for storing collectibles.
Don’t go cheap on cardboard boxes. They are of crucial importance for your items.

Secondly, you are going to need protective packing materials and lots of them. Rest assured you’ll see the need for using everything from air bubble foil to packing paper and everything in between. Once again, for every collection, there’s probably one protective packing material that will work best. It’s your job to inquire about the supplies you ought to buy and take care of this task early on in the process.

2. Keep your collectibles out of direct sunlight

There are some circumstances that will potentially be more damaging for your items than others. Namely, being in direct sunlight is one of the worst things that could befall your collectibles while in storage. Don’t get us wrong – we here at Simplify Valet Storage & Moving simply want what is best for you. We love the sun, but we know that your items don’t share the same love – at least, not while in storage.

Therefore, whether you are storing your collectibles in a storage facility or you decide to keep them at home, you need to make sure they are in a dark and cool area. Note that this doesn’t mean you should throw them in the darkest corner of your basement and leave them there for eternity. It just means that you should find a clean area that isn’t exposed to sunlight.

3. Use climate-controlled storage

In case you do opt for a professional storage facility, you ought to invest in climate-controlled storage units. We know that this type of storage usually isn’t accessible to all people simply because of their finances. However, it’s important to mention that there are climate-controlled storage providers in all price ranges. We are sure you will stumble upon the perfect company after brief online research.

A woman doing an online search while drinking coffee.
Use your laptop in order to find the best storage providers in your area.

The benefits of climate-controlled storage are numerous. They keep your items protected through every season of the year, as they regulate the temperature inside the unit when the outside temperature fluctuates. These units also prevent mold, humidity, and pest infestation, making them the perfect choice for your upcoming project. With so many different items that benefit from climate-controlled storage, it’s safe to say that you can use them for more than just your collectibles.

4. Reduce the number of items in storage when storing collectibles

Most often, people decide to place other items in storage when storing their collectibles. It goes without saying that you can successfully store all types of items in your regular or climate-controlled storage in NYC. However, you need to keep some sort of order inside your unit. Instead of throwing in all the items that you plan to store, it would be best to think things through.

Always keep your unit free of any mess. It’s a general rule of thumb to place those items that you don’t plan on using any time soon at the back of the unit. That will leave the front part of the unit open and free for frequently-used items. Most importantly, good order in the unit will allow you to access your collectibles whenever you feel the need. You might just find yourself in need of holding your precious collection as soon as possible – you never know.

5. Check up on your collectibles from time to time

Obviously, in case you have placed your items in short term storage in NY, then you won’t need to check up on your items. You’ll see them soon enough. But in case you have decided to place your items in long-term storage, then it would be good to perform a check from time to time. Of course, if you have chosen a good storage provider with a pristine reputation, then you most likely won’t find any problems whatsoever. However, it never hurts to go to the storage facility once every few months to make sure everything is the way you left it. It might help you prevent any potential problems.

A woman on the floor surrounded with records.
Seeing your collection every few months will definitely feel good.

The bottom line

The process of storing collectibles isn’t something you should take lightly. Considering the fact that your collection probably has a lot of emotional value (not to mention monetary), you should do your job to protect it. Invest in good packing supplies, as well as a climate-controlled storage unit, and do your research. It’s all about finding a reputable storage provider who will put your needs first. And if you plan to store your collectible inside your home, then make sure you find a suitable place. While you might love summer, your items won’t be big fans of direct sunlight and hot and humid temperatures.

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