5 tips to get your home winter-ready

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    The winter is knocking on our doors. Have you managed to get your home winter-ready? We only have a few days left before we start seeing freezing temperatures and snow and your home needs to be properly prepared. Otherwise, you could experience all sorts of problems during the upcoming winter, correspondingly, your maintenance bill will significantly increase. Luckily, getting your home ready for the winter is not a complicated task especially if, along the way, you use some good on demand storage NYC offers. There are only a few essential tasks that you need to do in order to get it done.

    Make sure that your windows are sealed properly

    There is nothing that affects the temperature inside a room like a bad window. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving knows that very well. And if your windows are not sealed well, the cold air will come inside the home and you will be able to feel it like a breeze. A good heating system can, of course, heat a home enough even with such windows. However, your heating bill will significantly increase consequently. Therefore, check all your windings and see what you can do to help them seal better.

    Some windows have summer and winter modes. If you have such windows, you can simply set them by moving a small lever on the outside of the frame. If you have old wooden windows, maybe you need to replace the rubber seal, or even change the clay around the glass. On the other hand, if you are not sure how to fix your windows, because there are many more issues that could be present, you can call professionals to fix them.

    checking a pair of windows while trying to get your home winter-ready
    Seal your windows to prevent cold air from coming in

    Cut tree branches hanging close to your home

    Once you insulate your windows, you can go outside and inspect the trees and branches. If you see that there are some branches that are leaning above your roof, or even close to it, you have to remove them. In the case of a heavy snowstorm, the snow that accumulates on those branches could create massive damage to your roof and the entire home.

    That is why this is one of the most important tasks that you can do when trying to get your home winter-ready. So jump over to your storage Long Island City and get your ladders, your chainsaw, your helmet, and other equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of equipment. And if that is your case, again, you have professionals at your disposal. Just make sure that you get that done on time.

    Checking your roof is one of the essential tasks when you are trying to get your home winter ready

    The roof is the most important part of your home. And if you want to get your home winter ready, you need to inspect the roof. It will protect your warm and cozy inside and keep you protected from the rain and snow. However, if the roof is not ready for the winter, if there are leakages, you are in for a complex and costly endeavor during winter, for sure. So head over to your storage facility, or even better, if you are using storage companies that pick up, call them to deliver you your ladders and your roofing gear, because you are going to replace a few roof tiles.

    roof tiles
    Do not forget to check your roof tiles and fix all the issues before bad weather comes

    If you are really doing this on your own, make sure that you take all the precaution measures and use all the safety gear that is at your disposal.  Also, make sure that you have someone around before you begin this task. Of course, if you are not sure that you can do this on your own, find a professional roofing company and let them fix your roof, and get it ready for the winter.

    Clean your gutters

    While you are at the roof, make sure that you clean your gutters. The leaves and dirt that wind carries can easily clog your pipes thus eliminating the gutters’ main function. Moreover, the blockage will cause water to stay in place, finally causing damage to your gutters. Luckily, you do not have to climb on the roof to get this done, Just get a gutter cleaning pole and you can do it from the ground. Of course, if you have a three-story home, we recommend calling professionals.

    a gutter under heavy rain
    Your gutters need to be perfectly clean if you want them to fulfill their purpose

    Drain the pipes

    Finally, go around your home and make sure that you detach and pick up all the water hoses. Check the sprinkler system if you have it and deal with it accordingly. Once you collect all the equipment that you have, drain the pipes. That is the most important part. Freezing temperatures will make the pipes burst if they are filled with water, make no mistake about it. In the end, pick up your hoses and sprinklers, find some good climate controlled storage NYC has to offer, and put them there during the winter. A climate controlled storage will keep your equipment in perfect condition regardless of the weather conditions outside.

    Follow this guide and get your home winter-ready in no time

    And that is all there is. As you can see it is not that difficult to get your home winter-ready. Of course, there are a few difficult tasks, like cutting branches or fixing roof tiles, which you better let professionals handle. Otherwise, cleaning gutters, removing hoses draining the pipes, and making a few adjustments to your windows will not take more than a few hours. Overall, you can do all this in a matter of two days. Good luck and let your home be properly winterized this winter.

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