7 space maximizing hacks

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    Either if you are relocating to a smaller home or you realized that you need more space in your current home, there are ways to make your space more functional. In order to get the most out of your home, we are going to share with you 7 space maximizing hacks. This means that you can avoid downsizing- or, at least, postpone it. Use our tricks and your home is going to seem much bigger. Organize your home in a smart way and you may even get some extra space.

    A box spring with drawers can s0lve many problems

    If you have a regular bed, you should think about getting a new one. However, you should not choose one that ‘goes with your bedroom’. What you should pay attention to is that the bed in question has drawers under the mattress area. This is an additional space for your clothes or for your linen.

    If you use the space under your bed, you will get several drawers more- this is something that will help you a lot

    Just imagine having 2 or 3 additional large drawers in your bedroom. There will be no clutter, that is for sure. Of course, if there are some items you no longer want to store there but you do not know what to do with them, store them. The safest storage NYC has to offer is always available to you.

    Put your trash can or recycling bin in kitchen cabinets

    In case you are always annoyed by the sight of your trash can or recycling bin, the time has come to solve this problem. The best thing you can do is put it inside a kitchen cabinet. This is a great solution because there will be no trash around your kitchen. You will not be seeing it and your kitchen will look much better. If you have your kitchen cabinets remodeled and you realize that there are some items you will no longer be using, feel free to put them in storage. The most reputable storage units Manhattan offers are at your disposal.

    Use the space above the door frame

    This is something that rarely crosses someone’s mind. When you look around, you will see that you will have as many shelves as there is the number of doors. Or maybe even more if you will use them for books, for example. If you think about it, you can clear out your entire cabinet and you can use that space for many other things. In this way, clutter will no longer be present in your home. However, if you realize that some of the items you no longer want in your home, rent storage until you decide what to do with them. Pick up and storage NYC is the best solution for you.

    Hang your mugs on the wall

    If there is something that occupies a lot of space in the kitchen area, those are mugs. Either if you like them and you are buying mugs regularly or you have received a lot of them, you probably have a lot of them. In order to clear out your shelf or kitchen cabinet, hang them.

    Mugs hanging
    If you hang your mugs, you will get more space in the kitchen area

    There are many ways in which you can do this. For example, you can use towel bars and add hooks or you can simply put hooks wherever you have the space.

    Double bars in your closet are a great solution

    This is another one of the space maximizing hacks. Namely, all you should do is put another bar in your closet in the lower part. For example, you can use one of them for your dresses and shirts while the other one you can use for your pants and skirts.

    If you need more space in your closet, all you should do is put another bar

    You will have more room in your closet. Also, there will be more room if you learn how to fold clothes in order to save space in your closet. This is quite useful and you will see that your closet will be much more functional.

    Storage ottomans are quite useful

    You are surely regularly annoyed with the items on your coffee table and the things around. The good thing is that there is a great solution. All you should do is get one or more storage ottomans. They look great, you can put many things inside and there will be room for all of your guests. For example, you can put remote controls inside, a blanket, magazines, etc. These items will surely be at hand at all times.

    Use the space below your couch

    If it happens that your couch has legs, you can use this space. It does not matter whether the legs are low- you will still have some additional space. For example, you can use it for storing cables, electronics manuals, tools, etc. You can certainly find some boxes that will fit the dimensions. The items you will put inside will be properly stored and you will know precisely where to find them. You can even use this space for storing business documents, for example. However, when it comes to larger items, it is advisable that you put them in the safest business storage NYC offers.

    Now that you know some space maximizing hacks, you will make more room in your home. Either if you are moving or you would just like to make your current home more functional, you can do it easily. Of course, if you are changing your place of residence, count on Simplify Valet Storage & Moving to help you. They are professionals and they can give you a helping hand with both packing and storing your belongings. So, start planning the entire process today and there will be nothing to worry about. All of the tasks are going to be completed with great success and on time.

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