A valet storage guide for first-time renters

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    Are you moving to a new place? Moving to a new home should represent a new chapter of your life. A chance for a fresh start where you can set your priorities right! You should look at it as something fun, exciting and thrilling! However, it’s considered to be one of the toughest, most stressful, and time-consuming tasks for an individual. Unless you do it properly, it can turn out to be hectic! If you don’t believe us, that is just because you’ve probably never tried to move on your own. There are just way too many things you need to think about in order for everything to go smoothly. For example, storage is really important when moving. Here, we’re going to talk about storage options and a valet storage guide for first-time renters.

    Making the plan is the first step you need to make!

    As much as this sounds obvious, many people tend to overlook this step because they think it’s worthless. Making a plan is one of the most important steps when moving. Don’t be afraid to invest as much time as you need in order to think through everything. This will result in a detailed and well-thought plan which is going to keep you focused throughout the entire moving process. You should think of packing, moving, and which moving company you need to hire. Also, another important thing that you mustn’t forget is the storage options. If you can’t decide which one to rent, we have to recommend checking storage NYC! They have reliable and easily accessible storage at all times.

    a couple packing and talking about a valet storage guide for first-time renters
    It’s really important to make a plan in the first place when you are moving.

    A few words about storage units

    Believe it or not, it’s estimated that around 12% of the total in the USA rent a storage unit which annually accumulates more than $40 billion. It’s a place that’s either provided by a moving company or a storage unit company. After you contact and then and ask about the variety of storage units they offer, you can choose are you going to rent it or not. If you decide to do so, you will be able to gather all of your belongings and transport them to the location. Keep in mind that depending on the items you have, you need to choose the right storage unit for it. For example, storage units Manhattan offer climate-controlled, valet storage and self-storage, and many more.

    List of storage unit options that you can choose from

    Since we’ve mentioned that there are many options that you can choose from such as pick up and storage NYC, we are going to make a list in order to help you make this important decision when you are moving or simply decluttering your home. Here is the list:

    • Self-storage
    • Drive-up
    • Climate-controlled
    • Valet storage
    • Vehicle storage
    • Indoor/outdoor
    • Portable
    indoor storage
    There are many different types of storage units that you can choose from.

    What is Valet storage?

    You are probably familiar with the traditional self-storage units. You rent, transport your goods and chattels there, load the storage unit and that’s it. Valet storage is a relatively new option in the storage industry. You’ve probably heard about mobile storages. A company you hire will bring it to your home, you load it with possessions and then take it away. Well, the new valet business model is literally a newer, updated version of mobile storage and its popularity is skyrocketing.

    For example, imagine you have a small closet full of Christmas ornaments and you want to empty it in order to put in your clothes. Because you are using it so rarely, you would usually think of getting the traditional storage unit, but it’s too big. That’s when Valet storage comes in handy. Those are literally the storage boxes that the company you hire will bring to your home so you can fill them in with the items you want to store. Business storage NYC is a great option where you can find those!

    storage units
    Valet units are somewhat similar to the usual self-storage units but way more reliable and secured!

    What are the benefits of Valet storage?

    When talking about a valet storage guide for first-time renters, we can’t forget to mention numerous benefits.

    • Convenient
    • Saves time
    • Great for decluttering
    • Less expensive than usual self-storage
    • Safe
    • Secure

    When you simply need some more space in your house or prior to the move, valet storage is a great way for decluttering your house. It’s a great way of putting some possessions away if you are not completely sure that you want to get rid of them. Since these boxes or containers, how some people call them are delivered and taken from your address, it’s much more reliable than the usual ones. By choosing this, you won’t have to transport everything to the storage unit but sit and wait in the comfort of your home. We can’t forget to mention how secure the valet storages really are. Not only that they are sealed containers, but after you pack them, they are going to be taken to the high-security facility. Additionally, keep in mind that in most cases, reputable and trustworthy movers are offering this kind of service.

    Valet storage’s popularity is simply skyrocketing!

    People are confusing the valet storage for the traditional self-storage, and we completely understand that. The concept is very similar, to say the least, and that’s why it represents the competition. There’s been one research made by Storage inc. where the results are very compelling. It showed that more than 50% of people preferred the valet storage option over the usual one. Among those people who have never used the storage unit, they say that they would prefer the valet option more as well. Believe it or not, this market is becoming more and more popular not just in the USA, but Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and China. We hope that a valet storage guide for first-time renters has helped you decide whether to use it or not!

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