Best NYC neighborhoods for downsizing

Deciding to downsize is a big decision. Especially if you’re one of those people who are used to having plenty of space, moving into a smaller home can be a problem. Unfortunately, New York can be crazy expensive. Because of that, all most people can afford are small apartments. Sure, it’s possible to find a larger house for a similar price in the suburbs of NYC, but that’s a whole different story. Most people moving to NYC are moving there for that big city life. But not all neighborhoods are a good option for downsizing. Luckily, here at Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, we know NYC quite well. That means that we can give you some recommendations regarding which neighborhoods may be best for downsizing. So without further ado, here are the top NYC neighborhoods for downsizing according to us.

One thing you should know about NYC…

A good chunk of New York City has only small apartments to offer! Especially when it comes to posh and luxurious parts of NYC, like Manhattan, almost 80% of the market are small apartments. Some boroughs, however, offer more houses, like Queens or Bronx, but houses are simply not that much of a thing in NYC. That said, if you’re moving to NYC from someplace else, you might find almost all affordable apartments to be downsizing. That is just the sad reality of living in NYC unless you have a lot of money or a trust fund. That means that you could basically find a smaller apartment pretty much anywhere in NYC. However, some neighborhoods in NYC are particularly good for downsizing.

A woman looking out the window.
Most apartments in NYC are rather small which makes downsizing a lot easier!

Keep in mind, though, that it’s always best to have your wants and needs as guidelines when choosing a new neighborhood. It’s just like choosing movers. Some residential movers NYC residents love and recommend may be absolutely great, but they may not be the best fit for you. The same goes with neighborhoods in NYC for downsizing. Just because it’s good, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you! But the good thing is that NYC has so many options for downsizing to offer.

Upper East Side – The top NYC neighborhood for downsizing for all those who love glamour

Small and affordable apartments in Upper East Side? No way! Well, way! Contrary to what people who learned about NYC from watching Gossip Girl may think, Upper East Side actually offers a lot of affordable options. And not just that, moving to Uppers East Side is also generally super easy since there are plenty of movers Upper East Side has to offer that are true experts with plenty of skills and knowledge.

But why should you choose the Upper East Side? Well for one, it looks amazing! It’s the perfect mix of modern urban and classy. That’s why many people gravitate towards the Upper East Side when relocating to NYC. This particular neighborhood has everything you might ever need. Shops, gyms, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants, and a lot more. That’s why it’s very easy to settle after moving to the Upper East Side. It just feels like home. And on top of that, there are plenty of affordable, small apartments which makes it easier for regular working folk to relocate to NYC. And all that is what puts Upper East Side high on the list of best neighborhoods for downsizing in NYC.

A nicely furnished small apartment in NYC.
There are plenty of NYC neighborhoods for downsizing where you’ll surely be able to find the apartment of your dreams!

Queens Village and Richmond Hill – The perfect neighborhood for downsizing for all those who are looking to get a house

These two neighborhoods in Queens are very alike. Aside from having plenty of small and affordable houses for rent and sale, they also have many more similarities. Keep in mind that there’s a lot more to a neighborhood than whether it can offer you the right size house or apartment. And luckily, there is just so much that these two neighborhoods can offer. For one, they both have very accepting and very friendly communities. Then, there are plenty of small family-owned restaurants that sell delicious foods. Also, people of all ages and ethnicities live there which makes them a great place to move if you wish to learn, grow, and make friends. And that is just the beginning.

There are plenty of rules for downsizing when moving. One of the most important ones is to find a place you’ll still be able to enjoy. Just because a place is smaller, it doesn’t mean it has to be unenjoyable. And since small houses in Queens Village and Richmond Hill are so cute and practical, that makes these neighborhoods pretty much perfect for downsizing in NYC. Of course, tastes vary. But these compact houses that go for as low as roughly 200k are pretty much the best NYC has to offer for such a small amount of money. So if you wish to downsize but you still prefer living in a house, make sure to look into Queens Village and Richmond Hill.

A suburban house.
It’s possible to downsize even with a house!

Whichever NYC neighborhood you choose for downsizing, just make sure that it’s the one you love!

Downsizing is a very big step not many people are ready for. Sure, seniors retiring may find it easier to downsize. However, plenty of people often downsize either because they have no other choice or because they have to sacrifice the size for the location. Still, some people are excited to downsize because of all the benefits of living in a smaller place. And trust us, they are plenty. So no matter what group of people you belong, know that living in a smaller place is not the end of the world. What more, it can be quite enjoyable if done correctly. And even if you don’t really choose one of the best NYC neighborhoods for downsizing, there’s no doubt you can make your new place lovely and enjoyable! Just make sure you absolutely love both your new home as well as your new neighborhood.

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