Can You Hire NYC Movers To Take Stuff To Storage?

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    It doesn’t matter if you are downsizing your home or relocating. If you are moving to a new city but still haven’t found your new home. In those situations, it is always a good idea to use storage. Especially if you don’t have much space in your new home. However, taking your items into storage can also be a daunting task. So, it is always better to hire NYC movers to take stuff to storage. And Simplify Valet Storage & Moving are going to tell exactly why you should do it!

    Hire NYC movers to take stuff to storage

    You should know that hiring the right moving company means hiring a specialized team. That team can relocate you to your new home. As well as a designated storage facility before, during, and even after moving day. So, working with a moving company to transport your belongings to storage is a good choice. Especially if you have large, heavy, and fragile items. In order to ensure that your items will be safe and well-maintained until you need them. Of course, you can choose the right storage unit for your items. For instance, you can use bin storage NYC if you don’t intend to store big items.

    Benefits of storing your items

    There are many benefits of storing your items. Many people use storage units when they are planning to relocate. However, it can also be used in other situations.  So you can use it to:

    • get more free space
    • prevent damage
    • secure your valuable items
    • put away sensitive belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit

    Additionally, if you are a student and you need to relocate to a student dorm or a rented apartment, you can always use student storage NYC for your items.

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    Hire NYC movers to take stuff to storage

    Move your items to a storage unit before or after relocation

    Remember that you don’t have to wait until the moving day. In order to have your movers bring your belongings to a storage center. If you aren’t moving too far, the moving team can come in a few days. Or even weeks ahead of your relocation. And get storage-designated items out. That way, you will have more free space for packing and moving boxes. So it can be a big plus if you don’t have a lot of space to spare. Such as in dorms, apartments, and condos. Additionally, moving storage items before the relocation helps cut down on the time. And manpower you’ll spend on moving day. Which gives you more time to get settled into your new space.

    Also, it is a great option if you’re planning to move into a temporary home. Many people that are moving don’t have a permanent spot right off. So sometimes it is necessary to relocate and store their possessions. While they are looking for a final home. In that case, it is a good idea to use short term storage in NYC for your items.

    You should hire trusted NYC movers to take stuff to storage

    You probably already know that moving items to a storage facility is a common request for movers. However, some moving companies don’t offer this service. Hence it is important to inform yourself in advance before you choose the right movers. And when you picked the right moving company you also have a lot of things to do. So, just because you hired movers to do the heavy lifting, it doesn’t mean you should now sit back and relax. You should plan on doing some legwork. In order to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. And also to save time and money. Since movers charge by the hour. You will also need suitable moving bins. Which you can look from moving bin rental in NYC and use.

    Sometimes it happens that customers underestimate the amount they have to relocate. Therefore they don’t choose the right size of the truck. Or sometimes they forget to mention extreme difficulty accessing their place. Because of long corridors or a large setback. Hence, in some cases, the moving team has to leave the job unfinished and go to their second appointment of the day. This leads to the client ending up with the extra expense of having them return. Along with a bigger truck, and a larger team. Or just more time allotted. In order to avoid all of these problems, you need to communicate with your movers and tell them everything beforehand.

    What your movers need to know before they move items

    There are a few things that your movers need to know before they move your items,


    You should let the movers know if there are stairs or elevators. Or long walks down corridors to your apartment. As well as the information about the closest parking spot. That way you will help them and save your and their precious time.

    A photo of a wood stairs
    Let your movers know if there are stairs near your apartment

    Think of heavy items before you hire NYC movers to take stuff to storage

    Also, explain to your movers if you have anything very heavy. Such as a large couch, refrigerator, or piano. Because large items won’t fit through a door frame. Or a tight hallway. So it may have to be hoisted through a window. Which will require extra time. Also, you will probably have lighter items that won’t fit in a box. Such as lamps. So you should consider taking them on your own time in your car. Because if one of the movers has to grab it by hand and make a special trip to the truck because he can’t carry anything else, it will take unnecessary time.

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    Tell your movers if you have large and heavy items

    Give as much information as you can

    Be sure to tell your movers everything that will need to be moved. Also, if you plan to pack your belongings by yourself, let them know how many boxes you will have. And if you don’t have all of your boxes ready, give a precise estimate. So, hiring NYC movers to take stuff to storage will be of great help!

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