Dealing With Moving and Storage Boxes After the Move

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    The moment you’re done with relocating is the time you start thinking about unpacking things. Unpacking after a move is a very important task that many people underestimate and put off. Living in a pile of unopened boxes isn’t something you want to do, and it will only prolong your adaptation period. However, we understand that there is a lot of work to do when you need to unpack all of your possessions, and dealing with moving and storage boxes can be a real pain. Sometimes you might even have to get extra storage space NYC. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide that will help you clear your space and make your new house a real home.

    Mover and customer checking boxes.
    After a relocation, you’ll end up with a lot of boxes.

    Dealing With Moving and storage Boxes – A Short Guide

    One of your biggest concerts while unpacking will be what to do with all of those empty cardboard boxes just lying around everywhere. On average, about sixty boxes are used for a single residential move. However, your exact number of moving boxes can be more or less than that, depending on a large number of factors. So, here’s a couple of options on dealing with moving and storage boxes after the move.

    1. Keep The Boxes

    While it might seem obvious, keeping the boxes is often a good choice. After all, you never know when they can be useful again. Flattening them out and storing them in a dry space will ensure that they stay intact for reuse. Don’t forget that there are many options for moving bin rental NYC, which might help you save plenty of time that getting rid of boxes could take up.

    But there’s a secondary use to these boxes as well. You can simply put away a lot of the clutter and rarely-used items that you have laying around your home. Don’t forget to label these boxes, so that you can know what’s inside. Ensure that the boxes are stored in a dry area with good air circulation since moisture and high humidity can damage the cardboard boxes and their contents quite easily.

    A person covered by boxes.
    Dealing with moving and storage boxes can be a handful.

    2. Sell The Boxes

    There’s a very good chance that you won’t need to keep all of your cardboard moving boxes, even if they are in good condition. Therefore, a good way to get rid of these extra boxes is to try and sell these containers to those that need them.

    This way you can recoup a few of your losses, and it seems great on paper. However, in reality, it isn’t that easy. You will need to spend a decent amount of time and effort to sell these successfully, and the money you can gain by selling isn’t a huge amount.

    3. Give Away Your Boxes

    Like we said, selling these boxes will require quite a bit of time and effort, something is in high demand right after relocation. In the end, it is debatable whether a couple of extra bucks is worth it.

    Often, if you wish to get rid of your extra boxes, the fastest way is to simply give them away to anyone who might need them. A lot of your friends probably have a lot of clutter that they could place in short term storage NYC, and your cardboard boxes can really help them out with that. After all, why throw away perfectly functional packing materials.

    4. Recycle Your Boxes

    When dealing with moving and storage boxes, recycling can often be the best option. Often, a lot of your boxes won’t get to your new home in great shape. Those boxes that are too banged up to be reused, sold, or given away are only good for recycling.

    Thankfully, cardboard is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet. Therefore, there are a couple of options when it comes to recycling moving boxes:

    • Movers – Moving companies often have a lot of extra services they offer (such as furniture storage NYC), and a lot of them can recycle the extra moving boxes that you don’t need. If they do, that’s great, they’ve solved one of your post-moving problems. In addition, if you’ve paid for unpacking, it is expected that the moving company will also get rid of the extra boxes.
    • Recycling Bins – This one is an obvious one. Leave the boxes that you don’t need in a recycling bin. Provided one exists, of course. This is, perhaps, the fastest way to get rid of the extra boxes in your home. The waste disposal services will pick up the unwanted cardboard and take it to a recycling facility.

    If you’re unsure about how your local waste collection works, then ask your neighbors or contact your local waste management company. This is quite important if you want to avoid tickets for littering.

    A pile of cardboard boxes.
    There are a couple of options when you’re dealing with moving and storage boxes.

    Some More Box Advice

    In addition, there are many recycling centers where you can take your boxes. This is a good option only if you have a lot of cardboard to dispose of since we here at Simplify Storage care about the environment. Keep in mind that going to a recycling center is going to be a bit of a hassle. So, you should probably mark recycling centers as a last resort. If it’s possible, you should get in touch with the recycling plant of your choice in advance to work out the details.

    Keep in mind that good moving boxes can survive multiple relocations without any serious damage. So, don’t be hasty and start throwing or recycling all of them away. Instead, try and inspect every box and see whether you want to sell, give away or recycle them on a case by case basis.


    As you can see, cardboard moving boxes are not just one-use things that need to be disposed of after a move. Hopefully, our short guide has managed to help you declutter and unpack, and speed your adaptation to your new home.

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