Decluttering your bedroom in 5 simple steps

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    Home decluttering and downsizing was always a healthy process. Getting rid of your hoard and all those unwanted items you gathered over the years will open up a lot of space. And you’ll feel much better when you realize that you are finally free of all the garbage and unwanted items you held to unnecessarily. So, let us find a solution and decluttering your bedroom in a few easy steps. You might need to store some of your items inside a home or rent a storage room NYC. But we will see about that. Let’s go!

    Decluttering your bedroom with a plan in place

    The first step is to make a plan. Look around you and realize the space you are in. Check all areas of your home and figure out where to begin. Locate all unused, broken, old, and simply not needed items. Dedicate a place where you’ll put them all and later on you’ll decide what is the best way to get rid of it. Now, remember to check the following areas:

    • Attic
    • Basement
    • Garage
    • All rooms inside your home
    A man thinking
    Sit down and decide if you want to declutter your bedroom only or an entire home. Make a plan for whatever you choose.

    Ok, if you are living in an apartment, this process becomes much easier. If you have a huge family home then you’ll have much work to do. And in case you are renting as a student, you might need to rent student storage NYC, especially when going home over the summer. For any other situation, you can reorganize your items and still keep them inside your home. But this is all in case you decide to declutter the entire home. Let us stay on topic and focus on decluttering your bedroom first. And if you decide to move on and declutter all other areas of your home, you’ll know how to do it.

    Start with your clothing

    Decluttering your bedroom will be fairly easy if you begin with the clothing. Simply because you have a lot of it scattered all around the place. We all usually do. So, locate all pieces and while you are at it, scan your wardrobe and sort out the seasonal stuff you possess. Check out what is usable and what is ready to be donated. Make designated piles and sort out what needs to be donated, stored, or thrown away. And remember, everything should be washed and nicely folded back to its place.

    For the items you are about to store, you can use cardboard boxes or plastic bins. If you are storing inside a storage unit, you can use moving bin rental NYC or buy your own plastic bins. They are not cheap but they are a long-term investment for sure. And one of the best protection for clothing on the market as well.

    Move onto the books and magazines

    Decluttering your bedroom becomes a bit harder when you have a lot of books in your possession. You probably have a shelving system for your collection and the bigger it is, the more work you have in front of you. You can’t simply throw away any of it which means you must gather all your precious books and sort them out. So, check the ones you have on your nightstand first and leave only ones you know you will read in near future. The rest should be alphabetized and placed back on the shelf.

    tend to your books when decluttering your bedroom
    Tend to your books and find them their rightful place.

    The same goes for any other book or magazine you’ll find in the corner of your room. You probably have some on your working desk, below the bed, on the window stand, etc. Check all nooks and crannies and sort your books out. Maybe this would be a nice moment to clean your shelf a bit and remove the dust from your books as well.

    Remove unwanted items out of the bedroom

    Now, we all have a few items in our bedroom that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Some of them might take a lot of space and you placed them there temporarily. While others sneak their way in somehow and you ignored them for quite some time. It is exactly how clutter and hoard are being created. So, pinpoint those items and remove them from your bedroom. Usually, those are weights and items people use to exercise, cosmetics, boxes with random miscellaneous items, etc. Find the appropriate place somewhere else and free your bedroom at last.

    Decluttering your bedroom in less than an hour

    Everything we have advised so far will require a few packing materials. You’ll need a few cardboard boxes, a bit of packing tape, a few labels, and a bit of cushion for breakable items. And all you need you can find at the nearest hardware store. Or you can order online or purchase from a local moving company. Check the list of moving supplies and order anything you need. Once you have it on your hands, pack your things and store them nicely.

    two people packing
    If you decide on packing some items ensure you are using higher-quality packing materials.

    The whole process might earn you a buck or two as well

    After you declutter your bedroom and remove all the items outside, you will have a pile of items to get rid of. Moreover, if you decide to declutter the entire house, that pile will be huge. You will have a lot of old electronics, clothing, appliances, magazines, etc. All those items can be repurposed somehow. You can give them to friends or neighbors or organize a yard/garage sale. Or maybe you can sell some of it online. Especially if you have antique pieces you want to get rid of. Also, you can donate to charities or a local church. And finally, you can recycle or simply throw it all away.

    But if you decide to keep it all in the end, but you do not have enough space in your apartment, it is not wise to declutter one room and make a new clutter in the other. As we mentioned before, a good solution is to rent a climate controlled storage NYC. Keep all your items in check inside a unit and you can visit at any time you want to take them. It is affordable and easily accessible to anyone. Keep this in mind.

    When decluttering your bedroom, keep in mind that you can do it in a couple of hours. No matter how hard it looks, you were sleeping there and using this room the day before. Just remove excess items and clean a bit and your room will be good as new. At least now you know how to do it. And we are sure you’ll get a few ideas yourself. Good luck.

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