Final walkthrough checklist before moving out

If your move coincides with the expiration of your lease, you might be concerned about getting your deposit back. Moving is hectic, and come moving day you will have so many things to do. Hence, it’s best to prepare on time and have a checklist handy. This will make things so much easier. Our experts at Simplify Valet Storage & Moving have a few useful tips to help you organize before and upon leaving your current place. The following text will help you in creating your ultimate walkthrough checklist before moving out. So, grab a pen and paper, and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything important.

Walkthrough checklist before moving out – prepare early

Regardless of the size and scope of your possessions, moving them from one place to another is never a simple feat. Make a point to contact your local movers in Manhattan as soon as you know you will be moving. You would like to simplify things as much as you can, as moving throughout the Big Apple means you’ll have to jump through quite a few hoops. With a good professional by your side, you will take a lot of stress off your shoulders, and see your moving project through quickly and smoothly. Figure out your exact moving circumstances early on, and come up with a moving plan to simplify your project. You may consider valet storage solutions to make it easy on yourself. Before we proceed with your walkthrough checklist before moving out, let’s stick to this point for a bit and see how can it benefit you.

A girl in white shirt with a checklist in hand
Make a walkthrough checklist before moving out and enjoy your peace of mind and a smooth move

What is valet storage?

Valet storage is designed to save you time, effort, and unpredicted costs when you’re moving. It’s the most simple and convenient way to secure a place for the safekeeping of your items, without a hassle. Unlike conventional storage solutions, valet storage means that you’ll receive the packing materials at your doorstep, pack your items and skilled professionals will transfer them to your clean and secure unit. Then, you can have the entire lot or just a few items you need back on demand.

If you aren’t sure that your new abode will fit all of your possessions, this is a great option to consider in advance. Also, you can use valet storage as a short-term solution to empty your space just before the move and make cleaning and potential repairs easier. It can benefit your move in many ways, and it can come in handy in various other situations as well. And with that being said, let’s proceed with the contents of your final checks registry before you move out.

The ultimate walkthrough checklist before moving out

Regardless of whether you’re renting or owning your current place you’d like to ensure that everything is fine when you’re moving out. According to some sources, nearly a quarter of renters don’t receive a refund on their deposit. Besides, you’d like to make sure that you aren’t leaving anything important behind. Experts recommend starting weeding through your possessions at least a month before the move. At about this time you should also book your Manhattan residential movers and start repairing anything that needs to be. So, here’s what you should include in your final run-through moving out checklist:

  • Review your tendency documents
  • Contact your landlord
  • Final checks
A notebook
Mark the important points and ensure you move out free of unnecessary stress

Review your lease documents and contracts

If you’re renting, you should collect all relevant documents and review them thoroughly at the earliest. Besides your tenancy contracts, this applies to utilities as well. No matter if you’re moving your household or you’ve just booked your commercial movers Manhattan, this is important as every contract has rules. Unless you fulfill them, you’re risking not getting a refund on your deposits. Moreover, if you don’t cancel utilities, you may continue paying for services that you no longer use after moving out.

So, review your documents and do a quick refresher on the correct procedure on how to end your tenancy or cancel subscriptions. As we all know, these matters can often result in additional charges or not getting a deposit back. But if you add this point to your final walkthrough registry before moving out, you’re sure to evade unexpected surprises.

Inform your landlord that you will be moving out

The most common reason people fail to obtain their security deposits back is they don’t give a sufficient amount notice period. This is typically 30 to 60 days, and it will be clearly written in your contract. So, get in touch with your landlord to inform them about the move as per your contract. However, bear in mind that they will also schedule a date for a final dress of the place before you move out. So, make sure that everything is in working order and there aren’t any undocumented damages. Also, if you’ve done any changes, for instance, you’ve moved the furniture, it’ll need to be reversed. Take help from art movers NYC if you’ve hanged some artwork and made holes in the wall that you aren’t sure about. It’ll cost you less to repair similar small damages on your own, than losing a good chunk of your deposit.

A person with documents on a table
Review your tenancy documents to communicate accordingly with your landlord

Your final walkthrough checklist before moving out

The aforementioned points are good points to add to your final dry run checklist before you move out. With it, you will minimize unnecessary stress, and with your moving day checklist in hand, you’ll enjoy a smooth and untroubled move. But before you turn around and lock up your old place, give it a once over. With this concise final walkthrough checklist you’ll make sure you arent’ leaving anything behind:

  • Ensure everything is turned off, like lights, the oven, and kitchen appliances are unplugged from the outlets.
  • Check electrical outlets and areas where you keep your electronics, to ensure you aren’t forgetting any cords, chargers, or gadgets.
  • Have a peek inside cabinets and drawers if you’re leaving any behind. These are the places where people routinely forget something, only to remember it later.

In summary, moving is stressful and without a plan, a lot of things can go wrong. However, if you follow our tips and have your final walkthrough checklist before moving out handy, you’ll make it much easier on yourself. You wouldn’t have to worry that you’ve left something behind. So all there’s to do is relax at your new home. Good luck.

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