Greenpoint relocation 101

If you are looking to relocate to the amazing neighborhood of Greenpoint, you might want to make it easier on yourself. Make it your business to research the area and figure out where the key amenities are before you proceed further. You will also want to say your farewells to make it easier for you to adapt to your new surroundings. Of course, hiring a great moving company, such as Simplify Valet Storage & Moving will make everything easier. Lastly, you will still need to go through a relocation process, so you should prepare accordingly. In this article, we will be providing you with a guide on how to go about your relocation, so you can enjoy everything Greenpoint has to offer from the get-go.

Greenpoint relocation 101 – Step-by-step guide

Without any further ado, here is what you will need to do:

  • Get to know Greenpoint
  • Identify key places
  • Say your goodbyes
  • Hire a moving company
  • Get ready for the relocation process
two people saying goodbye before Greenpoint relocation
Make it a point to say your goodbyes before relocating.

The relocation process itself can be quite complex on its own so it is best if you start going through the steps early. The more time you have, the better. Contact your Greenpoint movers immediately to guarantee the moving date of your choice. Obtain packing supplies and start on relocation tasks soon after. But first, you will want to:

Get to know Greenpoint

Greenpoint is a trendy NY neighborhood, with long historic roots. Of particular importance is the waterfront, which first drew Neziah Bliss to this place, due to its industrial and ship-building potential in the 1830s. Shortly after, other manufacturers and shipbuilders flocked to this area, transforming it into Brooklyn’s industrial epicenter. Soho movers in that day and age were particularly busy, due to numerous people wanting to reside there. Another great feature of Greenpoint is its ferry. Most people enjoy the ferry rides and it attracts numerous tourists daily. Even if you own a car, taking a ferry to Wall Street is usually a better choice. 

Activists haven

There are numerous organizations that are constantly working for Greenpoint’s benefit. People are actively getting speed bumps for more dangerous streets, as well as working on landscaping, playground, and other programs for their schools. The level of enthusiasm for the good of the neighborhood is simply amazing. This is something you will need to adjust to once you relocate here, without a doubt. But the neighbors are friendly, and the sense of community is quite high. Families gather together for barbecues, shops create community spaces, and everyone is engaging in community activities.

people forming a ring of hands
At Greenpoint, the community works together.


However, not everything is ideal in this neighborhood. Namely, the variety of shops is somewhat lacking, as you might not be able to buy everything you want within Greenpoint. Of particular note is the distinct lack of family-owned stores, which used to be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise industrial neighborhood. But living in Greenpoint means that you are close to Manhattan. You can always do your shopping there. 


As is the case with most of Brooklyn, affordability is somewhat lacking. If you can find an apartment with stabilized rent it gets better but for the most part, you need quite a bit of money if you are to live there. You might need to adjust to sharing a place with a roommate or two. But once you adjust to the living costs, you will get to enjoy the safety, peace, and quiet that the neighborhood offers. It is not for everyone but if you have the means, it can be your own “slice of heaven”.

Identify key places

Once you realize that you do want to relocate here, you will need to figure out where to do your exercising, where are the parks, and all the other amenities you are used to. It is vital to conduct this research beforehand, as it will enable you to adapt in the shortest time possible. If you are downsizing (which most likely you will), you may need to look into storage services, as well. They can provide you with an easy way to access your belongings without cluttering your apartment. 

Say your goodbyes before Greenpoint relocation

If you want to truly embrace the new, you need to say goodbye to the old. Unless you are moving locally, you may want to say your farewells to friends and places at your old home. Ideally, you may organize a gathering at some of your favorite locations and combine saying “bye” to both friends and places. Of course, you may want to say your farewells online during a pandemic such as COVID-19. But the important thing is that you do this before you relocate to Greenpoint. That way, your mind will be free to adapt to its new surrounding, and not be weighed down by unfinished business.

a person waving at a window
Saying goodbyes will enable you to adapt more easily to your new surroundings.

Hire a moving company

When it comes to the moving process itself, you may want to look into moving companies that operate within the area. Hiring a professional mover will make the whole endeavor a lot easier. They will do most of the work for you and provide you with sound advice every step of the way. If you are undergoing a long-distance relocation, hiring movers is all but a necessity. However, try to book your movers as early as you can, to guarantee the moving date of your choice. Furthermore, hiring them early may provide you with discounts or other benefits.

Get ready for the Greenpoint relocation process

Once you select and hire your moving company, you will need to prepare for everything that relocation entails. That means acquiring packing supplies, transferring documents, tying up loose ends, etc. The Greenpoint relocation process can be quite complex and complicated so you might want to create a moving checklist for the occasion, as well. It will enable you to better organize your time and energy, and provide a “morale boost” of sorts. If you are relocating across the country, you may also want to research the route you will be taking, as well as pack an essentials bag. The more you prepare, the better.

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