Guide to dismantling a kitchen for a move

Hiring professional movers NYC to assist you with your relocation is a wise move. But if you want your relocation to run smoothly you need to pack everything properly. And that means dismantling all the bigger items, so they can be loaded into the moving truck with ease. Also dismantling a kitchen for a move is a must, and you will have to be careful to avoid any possible damage. But in the end, your kitchen will be ready for relocation, and it will look even better in your new home!

When you are dismantling a kitchen for a move – call your movers!

When you start preparing for the move, you should create a moving checklist. That way, you will always keep track of everything, and your relocation will be stress-free. But before you start dismantling your kitchen, call your movers. Most moving companies Manhattan will tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare for easy relocation. Often, they will offer you their services. But before you say yes, you need to consider your moving budget. Do you have enough space to hire movers to dismantle everything? If you do – that is great. But in case you want to do it on your own, and save money – don’t worry. Dismantling a kitchen when moving can be easy and fun!

person doing research on pc about dismantling a kitchen for a move
Dismantling a kitchen for a move can be easy with a good plan

You need to do an inventory

Before you start dismantling your kitchen, you should create an inventory. Write everything down – everything you have in your kitchen. Appliances, base and mounted cabinets, the sink, the table – everything should go to your inventory list. Once you are done with that, you should sit down and start planning everything steps by step. Where you will start? What tools will you need? Those are all the questions that you need an answer to.

What tools will you need to dismantle a kitchen for a relocation?

When it comes to dismantling a kitchen for a move, you need to have a good set of tools. It is important that they are of good quality and that they won’t cause any damage to your kitchen. Usually, you will need:

  • a hammer
  • wrench
  • ladder
  • Philips flat head and
  • Square bit screwdriver
  • a flat pry bar
  • joint pliers for the sink
  • electric drill
  • rubber gloves, etc.

And the best place to find everything is different websites that offer everything you might need. If it seems t expensive, you can always hire professionals and avoid additional costs.

Now you need to prepare the kitchen for dismantling

The first step is to shut off all electricity in the kitchen. Safety should be your main concern, so make sure that you minimize all the possibilities for injuries. After that, you need to take out your electronic appliances. Make sure to take them out correctly and carefully. Also, ideally, once you should pack and protect every piece you take out. This goes for the cables as well. Organize all the cables carefully and unpacking will be a breeze. After that, you can start taking out all the utensils and similar. This will take time so make sure to leave enough time for this. Also, you need to remove all the food and liquids before you start disassembling a kitchen for a move.

ovens in the kitchen
Disconnect electricity before you begin

Protect your floors

One of the important steps, when you are dismantling a kitchen for a move, is to protect your floors. Even if your relocation is on short notice, you need to protect the rest of your home from dust or scratches. Lay plastic sheets onto your floor and make sure to fill every corner. Dust can be very tricky. Also, if you start dismantling wall cabinets first you need to make sure that countertops are very well protected.

Start with mounted cabinets

Before you start taking down your cabinets, you need to check what type of cabinets you have. If your home is older, there is a great chance that cabinets are built-in using the wall as their back. On the other hand, newer cabinets come with their own back. Also, check what type of screwdriver you will need so you can be ready for disassembling your kitchen for a move.

The first thing you should remove are doors and every reputable movers Williamsburg NY will tell you that. Removing doors first makes everything else much easier. One of the tips is that you can use a separate plastic bag for every cabinet and screws. That way, they won’t get lost or mixed.

What if there are issues when you start dismantling a kitchen for a relocation?

A lot of people are scared of what will they do if they run into a problem. But don’t worry. You can easily solve any problem and you can always call for Tribeca movers to help you. If there is any mold, you need to remove it. You need to put pieces of wood below your wall cabinets so you can be sure that you won’t damage the lower ones.

The next step in disassembling a kitchen for a move- countertops!

So the next thing to remove is countertops. Before you start that, you need to check how it is connected and make sure that you have the right equipment. Once you take the countertop down, you should start removing drawers and the rest of the screws. After you sorted everything out, you should remove doors and separate units. This will make the whole dismantling of a kitchen much easier. And when you start removing the sink make sure that you closed the water valve. Remove the drain pipe and garbage disposal, and make sure that there is no water dripping.

countertops in the kitchen
Be careful when you start dismantling countertops in your kitchen

Dismantling a kitchen for a move on your own is possible!

At the first glance, it might seem too complicated. But in reality, it is only important to analyze your kitchen and make sure that you protected everything. Getting the right tools is also essential. But once you have all that, dismantling a kitchen for your move will be easy. And don’t worry setting your kitchen back up is also easy! Just do everything in reverse!

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