Hacks for a tidy home after moving

With playful kids, dust in the air, and everyday obligations, keeping a house clean and tidy is difficult under normal circumstances. But maintaining a tidy home after moving is a challenge of great proportions. The good news is that with a bit of care and a few useful hacks, you can keep your new home organized and neat. Thus, don’t forget these tips the next time your moving and storage NYC company drops off your belongings and you start unpacking your items. The job begins the moment you start digging into your moving boxes.

Clean your empty house from top to bottom

Wouldn’t it be easier to clean your floors and windows once there are no items inside the rooms? That’s why it’s always better to pay your home a visit before you put your stuff in your property and clean the place. Clearly, if you do put in the extra work and tidy up the place before one of the best Chelsea moving companies arrives with your items, then you will do your best to protect your home.

A window in an empty room.
Cleaning your home is much easier once you don’t have to wiggle around different items.

Place cardboard or old newspapers on the floors. If you don’t have enough of these materials, then you can put enough of them to create a path that you will instruct your movers to walk on. There’s always a perfectly good solution waiting around – you just have to find it.

Declutter in order to keep a tidy home after moving

Decluttering might not seem like a big deal or a moving task with great priority. However, the truth is that decluttering is one of those mandatory things that need to be done sooner or later. And in case you haven’t dealt with it sooner (which is the moment when you were packing your items), you will have to deal with it later. Of course, it would be better if you have managed to pay for packing services NYC loves and packed only those items that you are going to use. But in case you relocated all of your items, you ought to part ways with some.

Have a major decluttering session and hold on to only those items that you use on a regular basis. Don’t let your emotions trick you into keeping more items than necessary. Instead, envision your clean and tidy home and work towards bringing your vision into reality. A mess-free home is achievable only if you become a minimalist. And if for some reason, you decide to hold on to some items due to their emotional value, you can always place them in NYC valet storage. You can hold on to your items while maintaining a clean home at the same time.

Deal with the second wave of washing and cleaning

That first cleaning spree after moving to a new house should be done before or immediately after your relocation. But when it comes to the second wave of cleaning, it can wait until you unpack some of your belongings, finalize everything with your art movers NYC, make sure that your valuables arrive safely, and declutter your home. And once all of these tasks that have priority are done, you can get down to a more thorough washing and cleaning. Alas, now you have a bit of time to dedicate to this task.

A green chair with a blanket on top.
Deep-wash all of your pillows, beddings, sheets – nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep in a clean bed.

Wash everything from your pillowcase to covers and drapes, vacuum your rugs and carpets, and give every item in your new home a good scrub. We know that this is going to take a significant portion of your time – not to mention plenty of energy. And you might be severely lacking both of those things now that your residential relocation in NYC is finalized. But we advise you to muster up some energy and set aside a weekend for deep-cleaning your home. You will definitely be happy about it once you take a look at your clean and mess-free home.

Maintain your tidy home after moving

Imagine spending all of this time getting your house in order only to let it get messy once again. Truth be told, a bit of mess is inevitable at times. However, there are small things you can do every day in order to ensure your home remains clean and clutter-free.

  • Put a thing away as soon as you finish using it.
  • Take off your shoes as soon as you enter your home.
  • Tidy up messy spots as soon as you notice them.
  • Wash the dishes after every meal.

It’s definitely easy to get carried away and ignore those magazines that are scattered around your home. Have you ever heard of a person who benefitted from procrastination? While procrastination might be good in a few cases and circumstances, you best believe that this isn’t one of them. When it comes to the maintenance of your home, procrastination is definitely not going to be your friend.

Cleaning supplies to have a tidy home after moving.
Equip yourself with a few things that will help you maintain your home nice and clean.

Don’t overexert yourself and push yourself past your limits

Every person has certain limits. Once you go past them, you are going to feel tired, lifeless, and with no will to live. To avoid overexerting yourself, you have to understand that the goal isn’t to spend huge chunks of your time cleaning your home. Quite the contrary – the secret to keeping a tidy home after moving is in doing little. That’s right – doing a little bit of work every single day will be much better than doing a lot on certain days. And if you don’t feel like cleaning and decluttering right after your relocation, that’s more than okay. After the ordeal that you have just been through, you definitely deserve a day or two of rest. Recharge your batteries and get down to work – there’s no way around it.

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