How to create a distraction-free working station at home

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    Working from home certainly has its benefits. But what happens when your bed becomes your office, and how to stop being distracted by everything and everyone around? To help you increase productivity and working spirit, we have prepared some advice on how to create a distraction-free working station at home.

    a girl working from home
    Communicate with your fellow housemates to create a distraction-free work environment at home

    Reality check

    To create a distraction-free working station at home, you will need to make adjustments to your place. Check for storage NYC if you feel like you are drowning in things, furniture or papers. Having a clean slate can do wonders for your new home office setup. What is important to know is that you need to trick your brain into believing you are in the office, even if you are at home. We all know the offices are made the way they are to increase productivity and get you in a working mindset. Think about it like this, do you get up in the middle of a work assignment to make lunch or feed your pet while in the office? Of course, you don’t, so why do it while working from home? 

    Plan and stick to the plan

    Making a to-do list can be very helpful. Set a day in a week in which you and your fellow housemates will make plans for the week ahead. This can be in regards to housework, meal prep, pet feeding schedule, laundry, etc. Split the obligations according to free time and don’t let your housemates rely on you to do everything if you are the only one working from home. Work is work, and you are not obligated to do a thousand more chores besides working just because you have a home office. Make sure everyone knows that. 

    Create a distraction-free working station at home

    The first thing you need to do is to set up boundaries. That applies to yourself, your roommates, flatmates, family members, or anyone that shares your living space. You need to know when it’s time to work and leave everything else out of it. If you share a house with other people, communicate about your working hours, and what needs to be done before or after that. The key is not allowing anything to occupy you during working hours. You can set your work hours strictly, or with flexibility, whatever works better for you. By setting up a time of the day you will surely spend working, and repeating that every day, you will feel exactly like you are going to the office, or whichever workplace. Aka, you will develop a healthy working habit in these changed circumstances. 

    create a distraction-free working station at home like this in the photo by separating from other rooms
    Create a distraction-free working station at home by transforming a spare room or a corner into an office

    Separate your working area

    Create a distraction-free working station at home by turning a spare room into an office. If you don’t have a spare room, pick a corner as far away from distractions as possible. This means far from the TV, the couch, the kitchen… Set up a work desk and a nice comfortable chair. You can decorate it how you like, just be attentive about the details as the decor can also be distracting. If you have to create a distraction-free working station at home in a corner, check the surroundings beforehand. You might find some things that don’t have to be there. To adjust the place for working, donate and throw away what seems to be just standing there and collecting dust. The other stuff you don’t use frequently, but want to keep, can be put in one of the storage units Manhattan

    Clean and declutter your workspace

    Whether you have a whole room or just a corner for your workspace, it’s very important to keep it nice and tidy. Don’t overload your desk with gadgets and paperwork. You can get pretty cheap plastic drawers and organizers for all your papers, pens, device cords, etc. If you have a lot of paperwork and smaller space for the office, you should consider getting business storage NYC. This way you will make space for distraction-free work and safely storage your important documents. 

    man stressing out over work
    If working from home is new to you and you are having difficulties adapting, try acting like you are still going out to an office or other type of workplace

    Get good office furniture

    Investing in a good-quality chair is not a luxury. You are sitting for hours and you must be comfortable enough. Make sure your chair has nice support for your back and arms to avoid back problems and pain. Try getting close to a window, as natural light increases productivity and it’s easier on the eyes than the artificial one. You can invest in a room divider so you feel physically separated from the rest of the room. Don’t forget to communicate with everyone that you are going to work. Politely ask them not to distract you, strike a random conversation, or be loud around you. 

    More tips

    • Bring a piece of nature to your workspace. Get a plant or a cactus just to have something alive and green to look at while staring at the computer for hours and hours every day. 
    • Get rid of your phone if possible. Turn it off, or at least put it on silent. You can also adjust who can call you, and set up a few numbers of important people that can call in case of an emergency. Ditch the social media and similar distracting things and put your phone in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.
    • If you are adjusting a whole room to create a distraction-free working station at home, you are going to need a bit more time and work. Go through the room and organize pick up and storage NYC for everything you want to keep but seems excessive for your new office. 

    Fake it ’till you make it

    If working from home is a new experience for you, keep acting like you are going to an office or a workplace as usual. You wouldn’t go to work in your pajamas, right? Then don’t, get dressed for work! As comfortable as it is, working in pajamas or from bed can negatively impact your productivity. You can even prepare and bring lunch, a couple of water bottles, and some coffee to your home office. These small hacks will make you feel better until you adjust more to this type of working condition. 

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