How To Move Oversized Items

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    Whether you do it via hired movers, moving trucks, or you’re shipping them yourself, moving large items properly, without damaging them is quite difficult. Many moving companies Queens can help you move oversized items out of your home, or to your new home, you don’t have to do it by yourself! However, if you have to do it by yourself, here’s our short guide to help you out.

    A couple of packing boxes, representing how to move oversized items
    Good storage is key to tidiness.

    A Guide To Help You Move Oversized Items

    Before we start, we need to define what an oversized item is. In essence, pretty much anything that is large, bulky, and seems hard to move can fit the picture. For example:

    • Swing sets
    • Bedroom sets
    • Patio furniture
    • Desks
    • Bookshelves
    • Rugs
    • Mattresses
    • Antiques
    • Bicycles
    • Clocks
    • Dining room sets
    • Sofas

    Of course, there are many more bulky items, but hopefully, this list helped you get a picture of what oversized means in general.

    Preparation is key when you want to move oversized items. Preparing yourself and your possessions for relocation is paramount to staying safe and avoiding unnecessary damage to your items.

    You Should Probably Hire Movers

    The reality is that moving is a full-time job. This is especially true when you want to move oversized items. That’s why contacting Long Island City movers can save you a lot of trouble.

    Professional movers will be able to supply you with all the necessary equipment such as dollies, sliders, and moving blankets. When you book your moving company, make sure you let them know what type of oversized items they will be moving, so they can bring the proper equipment, and ensure that any additional fees are displayed in your moving contract before signing.

    Before your moving day arrives, there are some things that you should do to prepare in advance, and ensure a smooth transition:

    • Empty all of your drawers and shelves
    • Remove doors if need be
    • Remove legs from tables, chairs and couches
    • Disassemble as much furniture as you can
    • Tape down screws or other components to the furniture it belongs to.
    • Clear obstacles
    • Cover floors with cardboard to avoid damage
    • Pack your mattresses

    Sometimes You Have to Do It Yourself

    We realize that hiring financial district movers isn’t always an option, and that sometimes you have to move oversized items yourself. Keep in mind that no matter how many of your friends you rope in to help you move, loading oversized items into your vehicle is always difficult. Thankfully, there are quite a few tools that you can purchase at your local hardware store that will make it easier.


    The wheel was invented for a reason! It is way easier to slide your oversized items along the floor than to pick them up and carry them. There’s a couple of types of sliders that serve different functions. For example, you have hard plastic ones used for carpets and soft padded ones that are great for hardwood floors, tiles and laminate.

    To get your sliders into the correct position, you have to lift one corner of your furniture at a time, and move the slider. If you’re moving taller pieces you should always push from the lower half, to reduce the chance of tipping, this is especially important for armoires, bookshelves, or hutches. Straps can also help you avoid any potential damage to your items.

    Shoulder Dollies and Furniture Straps

    Shoulder dollies, otherwise known as furniture straps, are a tool that loops over your shoulders and shifts the weight to your other muscle groups by taking the full weight of furniture off your back. There are also adjustable straps that can fit people of any height.

    Keep in mind, that shoulder dollies aren’t supposed to be used to move oversized items up or downstairs. Simply, the angle of the stairs will put all of the weight on you, increasing the risk of injury significantly.

    Moving Blankets

    While this might seem obvious, moving blankets are key in protecting your items against damage. They’re also a great alternative to sliders. Just tilt your furniture and slide the blanket under. Of course, this only works if your item is safe to tip.

    Hand Trucks and Dollies

    Dollies are small square platforms with four wheels that can help you immensely when you want to move oversized items, or stacks of boxes.

    Hand trucks have two wheels and stand upright. They feature a small platform on the bottom. Hand trucks are great for taller items that are susceptible to tipping, like bookcases or dressers. However, they are limited by your own strength.

    Mattress Slings

    Mattress slings are amazing tools for moving mattresses, and they’re really easy to operate by yourself. Put a rope through the mattress handles, some PVC pipe over the ends of the rope, and tie the rope to get a sure grip, and there you have it!

    A woman moving a heavy box.
    Good technique is key if you want to move oversized items.

    How to Move Oversized Items Without Tools

    First off, you probably shouldn’t. It’s always better to contact someone like Greenpoint movers, than to do it by your lonesome. However, if you really have to, follow these tips to reduce the risk of injury:

    • The high-low method – This method is perfect for taller items, and makes stairs less of a challenge. Tilt the furniture back, have one person carry the top, and another the bottom, and maintain the angle as you move.
    • Bend your knees and hips – Using your core and legs to lift rather than your back is incredibly important. People injure their backs by lifting improperly all the time. Make sure you’re lifting correctly by squatting and then using the power of your legs to lift yourself up.
    • Arrange chairs in an L-shape – It is a simple trick that will help you maneuver the chairs around corners and through doors.
    • Remove the legs and drawers from furniture to make it much lighter and maneuverable.
    • Wrap your furniture in blankets and plastic– Firstly, you should wrap your furniture in blankets and then secure the blankets with plastic. That will help you avoid any damage to your items.
    Woman hiring a mover.
    Hiring professionals is always the best way to go.


    There you have it! Hopefully, you’ll be prepared to move oversized items wherever you may want now. Remember to always be safe, careful, and patient. Don’t overdo it, don’t force it, so you can avoid any damage to your items or even worse injuries to yourself.

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