How to move with a newborn

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    Babies love and need stability thus any change is bad for them. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving it, there is nothing more distressing for them. Because they will be leaving everything they know behind. And what surrounds them, from the playroom to the crib is all that they know. Likewise,  trying to juggle work with moving and a baby can cause a lot of anxiety to the parents. But do not worry because there is a way to have a successful relocation that is also stress free. Greenpoint movers would like to share with you a few tips on how to move with a newborn. Follow these steps and you and your child will have a pleasant experience.

    The best way to move with a newborn is to follow their routine

    Routine is what gives babies a sense of security. Thus it is always at the same time that they eat and or go to sleep. Therefore you will have to balance your child’s needs with those of the relocation and work that you have to do. So it is important to for example pack while the baby is sleeping. It might come as a hassle at the beginning but you will soon have a rhythm and it will become easy. So do all the packing and searching for moving companies Brooklyn while the young ones are napping. However because you will not be able to work long hours, it will take longer to move with a newborn. Hence ensure you have enough time by starting all the work a few weeks in advance.

    baby in bed with a toy
    To relocate with a baby stress free respect their daily routines

    Baby proof your new home as soon as you relocate

    You are moving into a new environment and your baby will want to explore. Thus it is of utmost importance that you baby-proof your new home. If it is possible try to do it before you relocate. If you have a lot of things to do and not enough time to do it, take advantage of the packing service NYC. They will do all the packing so that you can concentrate on more important things. If this is impossible try to do it at the same time as you are unpacking. Start by protecting all the furniture, because it usually has sharp edges that could be dangerous. Next, cover all the electrical sockets with baby protection. They are great and much needed because with them your baby will not be able to put fingers inside.

    Pack the baby’s room last

    As all new moms realized very fast is that babies need a ton of stuff. From diapers to a place to change them to toys and medicine. All these things you will have to relocate without stressing your baby. Thus the only way is to do it last so start packing the nursery at the last minute. Usually, this practice is not recommended, because you might make a mistake that can delay the move. Especially if you are transporting valuables with art movers NYC. However, with a newborn, there is little choice so the best option is to adapt. Likewise, once you arrive at your new home make sure you unpack the baby’s room first. That way you will be able to give them back a bit of safety they need. And nothing is better than their bed.

    Baby room
    Once you start packing leave the nursery for the last

    Ask for help when the time comes to move with the baby

    On the day of the move, there will be a lot of people running around. Also, you will have to coordinate and watch out who is doing what. Therefore you will not have time to take care of the baby’s needs. So ask a family member, or a friend to take them for a few hours. Or you can find a good babysitter that could stay with the kids. Likewise, while you are still doing all the packing this is a smart thing to do because then you will be able to rest. There is nothing worse than running around exhausted trying to organize everything. You also need to take care of yourself and have enough sleep. Thus you will make fewer mistakes during the moving process.

    Pack the baby’s essentials bag for the trip

    No matter how far you are moving you will need a few essential items for your baby. They are not only practically useful but will also help your baby remain calm. As you know they do like to fuss on long trips. Therefore ensure you have enough diapers, wet wipes, and all the food. Additionally, you should pack their favorite blanket and toys. However keep in mind that you are not only packing for the move, but also for a few days at the new home. Once you arrive you will not know where is what. Thus an essentials bag is a lifesaver. So make sure you have packed also enough clothes and all the toiletries.

    bag with diapers
    To successfully move with a newborn you will need to have all their items with you

    Be relaxed during a move with a newborn

    Babies react to all the changes and if they feel that you are stressed it will distress them. Therefore try to be calm and relaxed all through the move with the newborn. One of the ways to do it is to take advantage of one of the professional movers in New York City. They can help you relocate quickly and efficiently so that you can spend some time with your child. Also, keep to their routine and accommodate their needs all through relocating. But most importantly do not forget to babyproof your new home and pack the essentials bag. With these tips, you will have no problems because your baby will be happy and calm.

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