How to organize an affordable local move in NYC

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    You are perfectly aware that living in NYC is quite expensive. Therefore, it is no wonder that even a local relocation can put a serious dent in your budget. To organize an affordable local move in NYC, you will need to utilize several options such as getting cheap or free packing supplies, relocating away from the moving season, choosing among moving companies Queens has to offer very carefully, etc. It can all get pretty confusing, truth to be told. That is why this article is going to serve as your guide to solving this particular conundrum.

    Organize an affordable local move in NYC in 5 easy steps

    The best thing you can do to lower the relocation costs is to perform a DIY relocation. But that means that you will need to do just about everything on your own. If you want to make a compromise between the cost and convenience, here’s what you need to do:

    • Choose a moving company with the best rates
    • Relocate outside of the moving season
    • Obtain cheap/free packing supplies
    • Choose an affordable storage option
    • Enlist some help from friends/family

    Even though you are organizing a local move, you can’t underestimate the process. Moving from one home or an office to another is quite complex and there’s a lot to do. It is not simply relocating your belongings from point A to point B, after all. That is why most people choose to go with a moving company to help them with the relocation effort. And that is the first opportunity where you can save some money.

    person creating a checklist, showing how to organize an affordable local move in NYC
    There will be a lot to do, you may want to organize your efforts.

    Step 1 – Choosing your movers

    There are many moving companies operating in New York. So many, in fact, that it will be really difficult to figure out which one is best for you. To start, you should look for movers from the area you will be relocating from. For example, if you are relocating from Greenpoint, you will want to search for Greenpoint movers. Obtain as many estimates as you can, compare them, and put a couple of moving companies on your “shortlist”.

    After that, you will also want to take a look at some of the Queens moving companies and see what price they can offer. Basically, you will want to get in touch with as many moving companies as possible, get an estimate, and then go with the mover that has the best price.

    However, try not to fall into a trap of extremely low prices. Most of the time, if a mover has a considerably lower price (as much as 50% or so), there will be some sort of a catch. They will either pile up additional expenses, or their services will be lacking in some way. The best thing to do is to find reputable, trustworthy, moving companies and choose among them. Anything else is just adding a considerable amount of risk to your move.

    Step 2 to organize an affordable local move in NYC – Avoid the moving season

    Once you’ve narrowed down several moving companies, you may want to try and organize your relocation as far away from Summer as possible. Since most people move during the Summer, the prices go up, and moving companies Queens experience lower availability. Therefore, if you can manage it, you will want to plan and organize your relocation outside of that period.

    An additional benefit of relocating outside of the moving season is that you will have much greater negotiating power. The fact of the matter is that most movers do not “set prices in stone” and are much more likely to negotiate when they don’t have much work. This can work in your favor, as you might be able to get some great deals for your relocation. Simply talk to all of the movers from your list, see what they have to offer. Most of the time, you will be able to get a pretty sweet deal out of them if you are relocating at an opportune moment.

    person carrying cardboard boxes
    Avoid the prime moving season and your relocation will cost less.

    Step 2 – Packing supplies

    Next up, you will want to obtain packing materials on the cheap. There are several ways you can go about this. First, you can try and join some online groups that deal in “passing things along”. A prime example of this is Freecycle Network. But there are several such groups and you might want to join them all.

    Your local convenience stores are a great way to get free boxes

    Another way that you can get free/cheap cardboard moving boxes is to visit your local shops and stores. They get these boxes in regular intervals and might not have a use for them after they unload the goods. Most of the time, you will be able to secure a box or two from each store.

    If you visit enough of them, you will soon have all the moving boxes you need. You can also rent moving boxes from Long Island City movers, for example, which is the middle ground of cost and convenience. It all depends on what you prefer, spending your time and effort, or your money.

    two people amid moving boxes
    Everyone loves free supplies.

    Step 3 – The best storage option to organize an affordable local move in NYC

    If you need a storage unit for your relocation (as most NYC relocations do), you will want the most affordable option. You want valet storage. This storage option, brought to you by Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, is a cost-effective and extremely convenient way to store your belongings. You will not need to go to and from the storage unit to store/retrieve your items. We will come and pick them up once you’ve packed them, and return the items to you when you require them. And all that for an affordable price.

    Step 5 – Get some help

    The more you do on your own, the less costly is your relocation going to be. To truly organize an affordable local move in NYC, you are going to need some help from friends and relatives. They can help you with lifting, packing, loading, unloading, and much more. This means that you can afford to hire fewer moving services and still get a convenient relocation.

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