How to prepare your pet for moving

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    Moving can be particularly tough on pets. It doesn’t matter if you have a  goldfish or a dog, your pet will be under a lot of stress during a move. That’s why you should do all that’s in your power to prepare your pet for moving and make sure they are as comfortable as possible. But preparing your pet for a move isn’t just ensuring your pet’s comfort. There’s actually a lot more to do and take care of in order to ready a pet for a move. But to make sure your pet is well taken care of and that you have time for them, it’s important to hire movers that are experienced and care about their clients’ pets, like Simplify Valet Storage & Moving. But aside from that, what do you, as an owner, have to do to prepare your pet for relocation?

    Getting everything sorted is part of the preparation

    Before you start working on redying your pet directly, there are some other things you should take care of. These things are largely unavoidable and you should take care of them as early as possible. Most of these are just like finding quality Chelsea movers, better done immediately for a more pleasant moving experience.

    A woman calling veterinarian to schedule an appointmnt since she knows how important it is to prepare your pet for moving.
    Make sure to schedule an appointment with a vet early on!

    Preparing the necessary documents is an integral part of preparing a pet for moving

    We understand that this “paperwork” thing may sound silly if you’re moving a few blocks away. In that case, you probably don’t even have to prepare your pet for a move in any special way aside from the very basics. However, if you’re moving to another state or even another country it would be best to have all of the documents sorted and on hand. So once all of the necessary documents are in your possession make sure to get a dedicated file and store them in it. You should keep that file in your personal bag during a moving day to ensure your pet will be able to enter other states or the country you’re moving to.

    Set up a veterinarian visit

    Preparing your pet for a move includes visiting a vet. But before you actually take your pet for a checkup, or whatever veterinarian decides that needs to be done pre-moving, you should schedule the visit. You should do this early on to ensure your veterinarian has an opening when it’s convenient for you. People moving are usually on tight schedules so you shouldn’t risk not being able to visit a vet just because you didn’t make an appointment early on.

    Find a new vet for your pet

    If you’re moving to another country or out of state you’ll probably have to transfer your pet to a new veterinarian. If that’s the case then you should start looking for veterinarians right away. Your pet may need extra care after the move so it’s best to have a vet lined up before the move. If possible, have your old vet transfer the documents directly to your new vet. And if not, make sure to collect and have all of the documents ready so you can give them to the new vet.

    Actually prepare your pet for moving

    Once everything is ready, it’s time to start preparing your pet for a move. But to do so you have to consider your pet’s needs. For example, moving a fish tank and a fish will be a lot different from moving a cat and its toys. So you should make sure to learn more about what a particular pet would require.

    A dog looking out of a car window.
    Take your pet for fun rides until they get used to a car!

    To prepare your pet for a move correctly, make sure to get them used to a carrier and a car

    To make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible on a moving day you should prepare them properly. That includes getting them used to cars and carriers. To do so, you can take your pet on rides. And you can also set up a carrier in a room with your pet’s favorite blanket in it. That way your pet will have time to acclimate to both cars and carriers. If you do this correctly, your pet will be a lot more comfortable during a moving day.

    Shower your pet with love and care

    When moving stress kicks in it’s hard to care about anything else. However, you have to make sure to give your pet as much care and attention as you did before. Especially with long distance local movers NYC residents recommend roaming around your home, you may want to give extra love to your pet. Pets and hugs make pets calmer, so make sure to do it as much as you can.

    Pack your pet’s belongings, but…

    Naturally, you’ll want to pack your pet’s belongings together with other things. That’s okay to do. However, make sure to leave out some toys, blankets, a bed, and any other comfort items. Since your pet will be pretty stressed it would be best to have items that calm them on hand. These items will also come in hand on a moving day.

    Your pet will need a lot of care and attention on a moving day

    Moving day is the most stressful part for a pet. That’s why you should make sure to shower your pet with care and attention. Also, don’t neglect your pet’s needs. If need be, set reminders for food and toilet breaks. Your pet may get even more distressed if you don’t do this. And if you notice your pet getting scared, give them a hug and reassure them that nothing bad is happening and you’re in this together!

    A woman hugging and kissing her dog.
    No amount of preparing your pet for moving is going to be enough unless you shower your pet with plenty of affection!

    Prepare your pet for moving with love and care

    When moving, what our pets need most is plenty of love and affection. You obviously have to do some work to prepare your pet for moving, but none of that is enough unless you make sure that your pet is calm and happy. Just remember, vet visits are very important no matter how much your baby dislikes it. But other than that, love and care should be at the top of your list when it comes to moving with a pet.

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