How to settle after moving to Chinatown

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    If you are about to be moving into Chinatown or have already done so, you might be thinking about the best ways to settle down and start enjoying your new neighborhood. In the first case, you will want to look into quality Chinatown movers to help you relocate, while in the second case all you need to do is read this article. We are going to explore exactly how you can settle after moving to Chinatown in the best possible way.

    How to settle after moving to Chinatown – General tips

    While every relocation might be unique, there are a few things that you will definitely need to go through. To make your experience in your new area as pleasant as it can be, you will want to do the following:

    • Change the address and transfer utilities
    • Help your kids and pets to adapt to their new home
    • Start your regular routine immediately
    • Explore the neighborhood
    • Relax and enjoy!

    For some of the things on this list, you can ask your movers to help you. Most Manhattan residential movers, for example, know all the necessary procedures for utility transfer. They will be able to point you in the right direction and shave off some time off the process.

    a couple getting ready to settle after moving to Chinatown
    With the right knowledge, settling in can be easy!

    Helping kids and pets adapt

    Relocation can be particularly stressful for pets and children, as they usually have no say in it. They are expected to adapt without fully grasping the reasons for relocation. That is why you need to help them, even before your movers NYC transfer your belongings. You will want to visit the new location prior to the relocation, if possible, and have your pets smell the new home and yard. As for kids, you will want to involve them in the unpacking process. Give them some time and space to decorate their own room and have them help with unpacking the general items, as well.

    Routines are important

    You absolutely can’t afford to allow the relocation to bog down your life. As soon as your art movers NYC are out of the premises, start thinking about how to get back into your old rhythm. Embracing a normal routine is the best thing you can do to adapt to your new home. This will minimize the transition time and reduce stress by a considerable margin.

    Exploring Chinatown

    After you finish dealing with in-home issues, the best thing to do is to go out, meet the neighbors, and explore your new surroundings. Meeting the neighbors will provide you with a great way to make some new friends and perhaps even join a local support group. You will want to have insight into what is going on in the area, and your neighbors are the best people to ask.

    Try to relax and enjoy as much as you can

    While you may think that there is a lot on your proverbial plate, the time immediately after the relocation is one of the most exciting times in your life. Everything is new, after all, and you get to discover new things on an hourly basis. Get out there, explore as much as you can, partake in local activities, visit a few bars and restaurants, that kind of thing. The following section will showcase some of the places you might want to visit as soon as possible.

    Settle after moving to Chinatown by visiting local attractions

    Chinatown is chock full of amazing sights, shops, restaurants, bars, and the like. You will want to try and explore every one of them and find the ones that you like the most. Finding fun things to do in your new neighborhood is the best way to settle after moving to Chinatown. Let’s see what’s out there.

    a family having fun
    Pay a visit to some of the local attractions.

    Museum of Chinese in America

    The first place you will want to visit is the Museum of Chinese in America. This place, founded in 1980, is the starting point for people who are looking to learn about Chinatown roots. The range of exhibitions is long and varied, including amazing photography, interactive scenarios, as well as floating projections.

    Mahayana Temple Buddhist Association

    This vibrant, towering, temple is located near the Manhattan Bridge and is NYC’s largest Buddhist temple. Guarded by two majestic lions, the temple features a sixteen-foot tall Buddha statue sitting atop a lotus flower, as well as many photos that portray various pivotal events. There’s also a large urn present in the temple, that gives off an aura of aromatic incense. The temple provides several services such as fortune-telling and accommodates formal ceremonies.

    Canal Street

    If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will want to make your way to Canal Street. This area offers a phenomenal shopping experience, with an open-air bazaar feel, haggling vendors, and an absolutely astounding number of items for sale. You can even find the gray market that sells knockoff items such as Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton purses, as well as some unique jewelry at insanely low prices. While you’re there, pay a visit to New Kam Man, a two-level marketplace, that sells kitchenware, cheap NYC souvenirs, as well as cuisine from all around the world.

    The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

    One of the best ways to start enjoying your new neighborhood is with a healthy helping of ice cream! Head on over to The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and experience a wide range of Chinese-influenced flavors. This family-owned business has been operating for over three decades now, to the satisfaction of everyone with a sweet tooth. You can get all the typical flavors, as well as some one-of-a-kind options. Try the unique almond cookies and Zen butter. You will not be disappointed.

    person taking a scoop of ice cream
    Everybody loves some ice cream!

    Columbus Park

    Sometimes, all you wish is to sit down and relax, enjoying the moment of peace. If that is what makes you “tick”, Columbus Park is the best place to go. The park clearly demonstrates the rich diversity of Chinatown’s residents, with plenty of amenities for everyone. There are astroturf volleyball, soccer, and baseball fields, as well as a basketball court and a wading pool for kids. Visiting Columbus Park is one of the best ways to settle after moving to Chinatown, there’s no doubt about it!

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