How to Store Baby Clothes for Keepsakes and Donations

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    Did your baby outgrow its clothes and now you are left with a bunch of it? Worry not! Today we will help you store baby clothes for keepsakes and donations. Whatever you choose to do with the clothes, the important thing is to know that you need to find the right approach. That way, you will avoid all the complications like clutter, the overwhelming feeling, etc. As with everything, this too requires proper preparation and finding the right way to do it. Now, your baby might not need those clothes anymore, but that does not mean that no one else does. Being able to help those in need, especially when talking about babies, is one of the best feelings you can have. So, with a little help from Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, you can easily store the clothes and prepare them for transport.

    How should you store baby clothes for keepsakes and donations?

    Logically, one should expect their baby to outgrow their existing clothes. However, what most people do not expect is how fast babies actually outgrow their clothes. Because of that, you might end up with a large pile of clothes your baby is not wearing and cannot fit in anymore.

    different baby clothes on the bed before you store baby clothes for keepsakes and donation
    You might have a lot of outgrown baby clothes in your nursery but that is no cause for panic

    Now, as most moms would, you will probably want to store a couple of clothes here and there for keepsakes. Maybe, once your baby becomes older and has a baby of its own, you can give those clothes to her. If that is the case, you will need to ensure that the clothes remain intact during the period you want to keep them. One way to do so is to hire storage space NYC and keep the clothes safe and sound. Without further ado, allow us to help you find the right approach to this type of process.

    Firstly, declutter the clothes

    Decluttering is an important part of the process. By doing it, you segregate clothes into different piles. So, for instance:

    • Throw away pile should be for items that are damaged or in very poor condition
    • The donation pile should contain items that are in good condition and can be used by other babies
    • Keepsakes pile should be kept relatively small and should contain sentimental items you want to keep for a long period of time

    Decluttering baby clothes represents the basis of the packing process. It will help you determine what to do with each piece of clothes and help you avoid being overwhelmed with them. Furthermore, it should also help you tackle the packing process much easier as you will be able to focus on one group of clothes at a time. Later, you will have an easier time organizing the clothes as you see fit.

    Launder everything

    Logically, you would want to wash and iron the clothes before you store baby clothes for keepsakes and donations. So, regardless if you want to keep the clothes to yourself or give them away, make sure that they are clean and ready to be put on right away.

    a person in a blue shirt turning on the washing machine
    Make sure that each piece of clothing you want to set aside or donate is clean and ironed

    By washing the clothes you want to keep, you reduce the chances of them suffering damage or getting dirty once you take them out of the box again. Moreover, while on that note, if you store your clothes in storage units like student storage NYC, for example, you should take them out from time to time just to wash them. Furthermore, you can use that opportunity to inspect the clothes that are inside. Clean clothes are a must when you are donating them, so there is no question on whether or not you should do it.

    Obtain adequate containers so you can store baby clothes for keepsakes and donations

    The next step would be to obtain containers that will provide adequate safety and conditions to the clothes you want to pack inside. Now, because keepsake clothes will be inside the container longer, we advise choosing a better one for them. On the other hand, the clothes you want to donate will do just fine inside cardboard boxes. This is because these clothes will not spend much time inside. Basically, you will need a container to be able to transport them from your home to the charity or donation center. However, when it comes to keepsake clothes, you want to make sure you get plastic containers. They last more than cardboard and will provide better protection for the items inside. For instance, if you place them inside storage, the cardboard will not be able to protect the items from rodents.

    Know what type of storage is best for the clothes

    If you want to store baby clothes for keepsakes and donations you need to find a proper place to store them. Now, there are basically two ways to do this. The first one is storing clothes in the attic, basement, etc. in your home. These storages are very convenient as they are close to you. However, they rarely provide adequate protection in the long run.

    a picture of an empty storage
    Store the clothes somewhere where they will not bother you or get in your way

    On the other hand, the second way you can do this is by renting climate controlled storage NYC to accommodate your belongings. These types of storage units keep the temperature inside just right. That way, your items will not suffer damage due to temperature issues. More importantly, they maintain moisture levels. This then directly impacts the chances of pests arriving in your storage unit. Overall, these storage units are great if you want to ensure the safety of clothes.

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