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    Even with all the technological advancements paper is still equally important. There is a lot of important information that can be only stored on in. However, after some time we might notice that our home is overflowing with documents. And the same can happen to our office so that it is impossible to work. No matter how many drawers and boxes you have prepared there is simply not enough space for all of it. Thus it is a perfect moment to put them into a storage unit and free up some much-needed space in your home or office. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC would like to share with you the best way to store documents in Long Island. Follow these steps and you will enjoy all the benefits that come from a decluttered space.

    Declutter and organize before you store documents in Long Island

    If you have a lot of files that chances are that some are old and you do not need them anymore. Thus the first thing you should do is declutter everything before you store documents in Long Island. Start by making two piles, one of the papers you wish to keep and others you do not need. That way you will be able to save money when renting storage facilities Long Island City. Also, it will make the process easier with fewer files to store. However, some of your documents might be too sensitive to simply throw away into the garbage. Hence it is better to shred them and not worry if anybody will read them. For everything else, you can use a file organizer and arrange them by year. So once you need something from your storage unit it will be easy to find.

    stack of papers
    If you get rid of some of the files, it will be easier to transport everything to the storage

    Packing your documents for storing

    So your documents can remain safe indefinitely inside a storage unit you will have to properly pack them. Firstly make sure you have all the packing materials like boxes and duct tape. However, do not use old newspapers as fillers because they might stain all your papers and damage them. If you are using secondhand materials check that the boxes are not wet, because it will seep into the paper and mold might appear. Secondly don’t overweight them as it can be difficult to carry them into the on demand storage NYC. But at the same time, you should fill them to the brim so that nothing can move. Because if a box falls and papers inside start mixing they will wrinkle. Once you are done tape and secure them with duct tape. Lastly, label everything so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

    Always choose a climate-controlled storage for your documents

    Self-storage that does not have climate control is not good for your documents. Firstly if the humidity levels go too high, mold can appear. In no time all your important papers will be damaged. Therefore always choose climate controlled storage NYC. Because inside of it you will be able to control the temperature. So if you are in a climate that has extreme changes during the year all your files will be safe. For you can maintain a stable temperature and they will not for example freeze. Likewise in these types of storage, pests can’t enter. A single mouse can go through a large amount of paper. Unfortunately, it is impossible to repair all the holes they will leave behind.

    temperature control on the wall
    To properly store documents in Long Island, always choose a unit that has a climate control

    Use shelves to store and organize your storage unit in Long Island

    It is never a good idea to put boxes with all your documents on the floor. These are not ideal conditions for paper and it might quickly get damaged. Ideally, you should put them on shelves high up. That way you will be able to safely keep them indefinitely. Firstly put the less important files at the back of the shelves. They are the ones you will not need often so they do not need to be close. Secondly, label all the shelves so that you have a filing system. No matter how much you think you can remember it, after some time you will forget where is what. Therefore always make sure you at least have a detailed list of everything inside your storage unit.

    Store your documents in a secured storage

    If you have sensitive information in your files then they should be in a place only you have access to. Likewise, you can use valet storage services for they are most secured. Also, they will keep a detailed filing system so that you can easily get a delivery. Otherwise, always pick storage with 24 security. It means they are in a secured location with state-of-the-art locks, a keypad entry, and computerized gate access. And most impotently always choose the one that checks their employee’s history. In a storage unit like this, you will never worry because only you will have access.

    camera on the wall
    For personal documents, a secured location of your Long Island storage unit is a must

    Store documents in Long Island the right way and they will remain safe indefinitely

    By following these steps, you have a guarantee that when you store documents in Long Island, they will be safe. Therefore no matter how long they have to stay inside they will be perfectly safe. So firstly make sure you find climate-controlled storage in Long Island City. Next, declutter so that you have fewer papers to pack. Ensure you have all the packing materials so that everything is secured for transport and storage. Likewise, make a list of where is what, and label all the boxes. Thus you do not have to spend hours searching the unit. In no time with a bit of patience, you will have an organized and secured storage unit.

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