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    Every avid reader has a book collection that they are proud of. They are items that give insights into a person’s soul and should be taken care of. However, sometimes they might take too much space in our home. Thus the only solution is to put them in a place where they can remain safe for an extended period of time. Yet that is not so easy to do because they are quite sensitive. So if we make a mistake in packing them or by choosing the wrong storage unit they might get damaged. And unlike other items, they are not so easy to repair. It is why Simplify Valet Storage & Moving would like to share with you few tips on how to store your book collection. With these steps, your library will remain safe and sound until you need it again.

    Before storing your book collection make sure it is clean

    You might want to keep your library in storage for a long time. Therefore it is prudent to make sure there is nothing in them that can attract the pests. Because no matter how clean the storage near NYC might be, if there are any food residues they might get damaged. So start by inspecting every book individually. Look for any crumbs between the pages and clean them. Also, make sure there is no dampness before you store your book collection. Because if there is even a bit of humidity, it can cause mold to appear and start growing. Unfortunately once that happens it is hard to save the paper. Likewise use a gentle brush to clean off any dust on the covers. However, never use a wet cloth or any chemical cleaners because they will just damage your collection.

    woman cleaning books
    Clean your entire library prior to storing it

    With the right packing materials you can safely store your book collection

    Because books are so sensitive you will need few supplies to ensure their safety. Especially the dust jackets that come with hardcover copies. Their purpose is to protect the book from dust. However, if you one day decide to sell a book a dust jacket is an invaluable part of it. You need to pack them properly so nothing happens to them. Therefore start by gathering all the packing materials that will safeguard your collection in the pick up storage units.

    Firstly avoid simple cardboard boxes because they are not durable enough. The best options are plastic containers that will not get damaged by moisture. Next do not use plastic wraps to wrap your books because they will just trap all the moisture inside. Also, old newspapers can over time start leaking paint that can get on a book. Instead, use acid-free archival paper for wrapping all your first editions.

    Properly pack your book collection

    Before you put your books into the box, you should wrap each one. That will keep them safe for a long time in a regular or a student storage NYC. Next always pack your book collection in an upward position because that way they will support each other. However, do not pack them too tight as paperbacks can easily bend and hardcovers can get dented. Also, it will not be easy to lift an overweight box and you might injure yourself trying. Fill out the space between them with paper or bubble wrap so they can not move around during transportation. If you have a large number of smaller books, do not put anything on top of them, because they can bend. Larger ones you should put horizontally on the bottom of the box.

    woman writing books on a package, representing how store your book collection
    If you are storing other items, make sure you label all the boxes with books

    Choose a climate controlled storage unit for your library

    Paper is one of the most sensitive materials and if you do not take care of it, you can cause damage. Therefore when it comes to choosing the right storage unit for your library there is only one right option. And that is a climate controlled storage that will keep your books in perfect condition for however long you need. Because a dry cold space without sunlight is the best for your books. And here you can completely control the conditions inside. But most importantly the humidity is the biggest danger when it comes to books. In these units, you can control the levels and set them to optimal. Likewise, the temperature will remain the same until you change it.

    Periodically check on your collection

    No matter how high end the storage unit you picked might be you can not just leave them there and forget about them. There are always unforeseen things that could happen. So it is better to catch any changes on time and prevent them. Therefore no matter how long your book collection will remain in the storage you should periodically check on them. Look for any droppings on the floor because they are a clear sign that there are pests. Also, check if you can smell mold or if there are any gray patches on the walls or boxes. Set a date on your calendar and do not miss it because if there are any changes you should act immediately.

    a row of storage units
    After you store your book collection, check on them from time to time

    Store your book collection properly and you will never have to worry

    No matter if they are cheap or expensive you should handle them with care. Therefore it is important to properly store your book collection so that it can remain there safely. So firstly inspect and clean your library. Next search for climate controlled storage units in New York City. Ensure that you wrapped all the books and place them vertically. However, avoid bubble wraps and newspapers for they will just cause more problems. Lastly, check on your book collection from time to time to see if everything is ok. With these steps, you will be able to safely keep them stored for as long as you wish.

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