How to Store Your Mattress

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    It doesn’t matter if you’re downsizing your home. Or if you want to convert a room into a gym. Perhaps you are relocating and you need some extra space for your items. However, at some point, you might need to store a mattress. And we all know that mattresses are costly. Hence it’s important to take the right steps in preserving the longevity of your mattress. If you’re wondering how to store your mattress the right way, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving have the answer for you!

    How to Store Your Mattress

    At some point, it may seem to you that leaning your mattress in your attic is a good idea. This may be appealing to you, especially if you need to store your items quickly. But, the result of that could be a dented area. Or bacteria growing on your mattress. In order to prevent this, you can follow certain steps and make sure your mattress stays in top condition while in storage. No matter if you need to store your mattress for a long time. Or store it in short term storage in NYC and use it later. Hence you should:

    • Clean your mattress thoroughly
    • Use protective wrap
    • Place it in a moving truck
    • Store it properly
    • Use a climate-controlled storage unit
    Interior of a cozy bedroom
    Make sure to store your mattress properly

    Clean your mattress thoroughly

    It doesn’t matter if you wash your bedding consistently. Because your mattress can always accumulate dust mites, sweat, and dirt over time. Hence storing a dirty mattress can start to cause bacteria. Which can lead to mold. Or a fungus growth. Luckily, there is an easy way to get your mattress ready for storage. It is important to sterilize it. In order to avoid issues after you retrieve it. And furniture storage NYC suggests you clean a mattress as follows:

    • Take out the mattress from your base
    • Apply a small amount of baking soda (this will absorb odors and remove the stains from your mattress)
    • Clean up the baking soda
    • Air out your mattress for several hours
    A bedroom with balcony
    Clean your mattress thoroughly

    Use protective wrap and store your mattress

    You should know that covering your mattress in plastic wrap is an important step. That way you will keep your mattress clean. You can use protective wrap since it will prevent dust from settling on the exterior of your bed. And try to avoid using a plastic covering. Because it can accidentally trap moisture, which can lead to bacteria. You can either use a light, breathable plastic wrap with duct tape. Or use a good and quality mattress bag.

    Place it in a moving truck

    Moreover, you should avoid strapping your mattress to the top of your car. Or simply trying to squeeze it into the back of a pickup truck. Either way, you are risking damaging your mattress’s inner foundation. Another thing that can also happen is a risk because your mattress can fly off your vehicle into the road. In order to avoid these problems, it’s best to rent a moving truck. So that you can move your mattress safely to storage. Also, before you place your bed in a moving truck, you can line the truck with old blankets and sheets. So that you will prevent damage to the exterior of the mattress. Then you can safely transport it to storage space in NYC and you won’t need to worry about your mattress.

    Two men are putting an item in a moving truck
    Place your mattress in a moving truck

    Store your mattress properly

    Even though you can transport your mattress upright for short periods of time, this can cause damage to the interior materials. And the pressure from being on one side can destroy the cushion and internal structure. Which can cause the mattress to become uncomfortable to sleep on. Hence, it would be good if you have enough space to store your mattress flat on the ground. Also, make sure to place a tarp or other material underneath it. So it’s not directly on the floor. Or, if you don’t have space, you can use other furniture pieces. And create an even surface to lay it across. If you don’t have any materials to put under your mattress, you can always check with moving bin rental NYC to help you with it.

    Make sure to use a climate-controlled storage unit

    You should know that climate-controlled storage units are the best choice for storing special items. And mattress should be stored in a climate-controlled unit. Because those can protect your mattress from weather conditions. Throughout the whole year. Also, this type of storage unit will surely protect your mattress from extreme heat in the summer. And icy cold winters too. Another good thing to know is that climate-controlled storage units can also ward off any moisture. Which can lead to your mattress becoming damp. And prone to mold. Hence, maintaining regular temperature and moisture levels is very important. In order to keep your mattress in great shape.

    Store your mattress at home

    If you can’t store your mattress in a storage unit, you can also store it properly in your home. For instance, you can store a mattress in your garage. Do so by following the same cleaning and storage steps that we went over above. Bear in mind that garages tend to have high humidity. You already know that it can create a breeding ground for fungus and mold. So, if you’re not using a climate-controlled storage unit, you can consider investing in a portable dehumidifier. And place it in your garage.

    Eliminate lingering odor

    Lastly, even if you take every precaution to preserve your mattress, it might still come out of storage with some lingering odor. Hence, it’s crucial to unwrap your mattress and let it air out for several hours. Afterward, you should repeat the cleaning step. So that you will store your mattress properly.


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