How to store your wooden furniture

No matter how robust it is, wooden furniture is still very fragile and sensitive. And no, we don’t mean that you’d be able to break your bookshelf easily. What we mean is that it’s possible to ruin a piece of furniture without inflicting extreme damage to it. Just a few days in suboptimal conditions is enough to damage a wooden piece. That’s why it’s very important to store with a reputable storage company, like Simplify Valet Storage & Moving. But aside from hiring a company that offers optimal conditions, you should also make sure that your furniture, too, is in optimal conditions before storing, as well as your unit. But how do you make sure that everything is just right? Here’s how to store your wooden furniture safely.

Before you store your wooden furniture make sure to find a well-loved company

Before you even start redying your wooden furniture for storing, make sure to find storage. That, however, is sometimes easier said than done. With all the options for storage Manhattan offers, it can be hard to make a decision. But even if you’re unsure what company to store with, you should know what company not to store with. You’d be surprised just how many unprofessional or fraudulent companies there are, even in NYC. That’s why it’s very important to weed out inadequate companies before all else. Just by doing this, you’ll shorten the list of potential companies. And after that, it’ll all come down to your finances and preferences. You will no longer have to worry about quality, just finding what you want and need.

A young woman looking for reliable storage companies and tips on how to store your wooden furniture safely.
Safe storing begins with a reliable company!

One research a day keeps bad companies away

Whether you’re looking for long-term, short-term, commercial, self, or valet storage, you should be on the lookout for scams. But how can you tell if you’re about to be scammed? Keep an eye out for odd behaviors and unusual occurrences. For example, if a company asks you to sign a contract immediately, it’s time to start asking questions. And if they give vague answers or even refuse to answer, it’s time to run. So keep your eyes open and don’t let yourself become a victim of a scam!

Pick a facility that offers the best conditions for wood

Climate control is a must when it comes to storing wooden furniture. Why? Well, because wood can get easily ruined if it’s too humid. Unless you want your furniture to become moldy, start peeling, begin changing color, and similar, better invest in climate-controlled storage. It’s possible to minimize the effects of humid air on wooden furniture by using cotton cloth as a cover. However, if you can afford climate-controlled storage it’s definitely safer and better to do so.

Prepare your unit for storing wooden furniture

Unfortunately, just getting a unit isn’t enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re storing bulky furniture or delicate wooden furniture, you still have to prep your unit. But isn’t storage just like your home? Not really, no. Storage doesn’t have windows nor does the dust move much within it. So it’s super easy for furniture to get moldy and ruined. Just imagine if there’s a ton of rain or a flood and your furniture gets wet. Wouldn’t it be better to have prepared the unit in such a way to avoid all damage? To prepare your unit to receive wood furniture, simply clean it thoroughly, air it out, and lay down plastic onto the floor. Better yet, if you can afford it, build a base so nothing can reach your furniture!

A dustpan and brush on the wall.
To store your wooden furniture safely, make sure that your unit is in prime condition!

Get the furniture ready for storing

Now that your unit is ready it’s time to prep the furniture. The first step should be to clean the furniture well. However, it’s important to clean wood furniture safely unless you wish to ruin it even before storing it. That means no harsh chemicals! Buy mild wood detergent and clean everything thoroughly. If some of your furniture contains textile, try getting it properly cleaned or even cleaned professionally. Just make sure that you’re not storing dirt and bacteria alongside your furniture!

Skip wrapping and get to covering

It’s generally good practice to pack belongings in boxes or wrap them in plastic wrap before storing them. However, that’s not the best thing to do when storing wooden furniture. As we mentioned before, high humidity and moisture are the worst enemies of wooden furniture. And what usually happens with plastic wrap is that moisture easily gets trapped beneath it. That can only make things worse which is the opposite of what we’re trying to do. So opt for a more breathable material like cotton. Just tossing over a large piece of cotton cloth will do the job.

Be mindful of what you’re putting on top

Another thing you should pay close attention to when storing wooden furniture is what you’re placing on top of it. It’s always best not to put anything on top. However, if you absolutely must, it’s better to choose light items. Especially if you’re storing very delicate furniture. A shelf may be able to withstand a bit of load, but a fragile side table probably wouldn’t. So be very mindful of what you’re placing where. You’ve taken such good care of your furniture up until now. Don’t let it all go to waste.

A couple preparing wooden furniture for storing.
Some wooden furniture wasn’t built to withstand heavy loads!

Make sure to store your wooden furniture safely!

Knowing what you need to do to preserve wooden furniture is important. However, it’s even more important to do it correctly. If you wish to store your wooden furniture safely, make sure to invest plenty of time and effort into each step. Storing is no joke. Regardless of what it may seem like, a lot of things can go wrong. So it’s best to take all safety precautions and do as best as you can to protect your property.

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