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    Choosing to relocate to NYC, Manhattan specifically, can be quite a challenge. After all, if NYC was a standalone country, its economy would be in the top 10 in the entire world. It truly is a city like no other, one that offers endless opportunities for every avenue of life. Whether it is culture, social events, or business that you are looking for, you will find it in Manhattan. But is moving to Manhattan right for you? Before you start looking for Soho movers, you will want to answer this simple question. But to do that, you are going to need some information. This article will present you with that information.

    Is moving to Manhattan right for you – an analysis

    To answer the question of whether you should relocate to Manhattan or not, there are a few things you might want to know about. We will be covering the aspects of the city that can have a large influence on your decision, such as:

    • Manhattan statistics
    • The energy of the city
    • Prices and competitiveness

    The important thing is to try and approach the decision process with a rational mind. Try to leave the passions “at home”, and think logically about whether living in Manhattan is really what you want and need in life. It is rather easy to get in touch with Tribeca movers, for example, and organize a relocation but you need to know that it is for the best. Let’s dive a bit deeper into Manhattan so we can find that out.

    NYC skyline
    Manhattan is a place of wonder, opportunity, and high living costs.

    A few Manhattan statistics to get you started

    Manhattan has an impressive population of almost 1,632,000 people. Generally referred to as one of the best places to live in New York, the area offers a densely-packed urban feel, unlike any other. You can find literally anything in Manhattan. There will be no shortage of shops, bars, parks, restaurants, or any other places to spend your time. The main “issue” with living in Manhattan is the outrageous housing market. To purchase a home in the city, you will need to set aside no less than $1 million, on average. Needless to say, most people choose to rent their homes, which sets them back, on average, to around $1,750 each month.

    However, there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Manhattan residents enjoy a median household income of about $86,600, which is significantly higher than the national average. This means that, despite the high costs of living, most families do earn enough for a comfortable lifestyle. And if you are planning on hiring financial district movers to relocate your business, there are endless opportunities in Manhattan. You will be able to reach out to a huge crowd and there is a slice of the market for everyone.

    The top neighborhoods to consider are Battery Park City, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village. If you are relocating with school-age kids, you will be happy to know that the public schools in the area are exceptional. You will have a choice between several amazing institutions such as Stuyvesant High School, Townsend Harris High School, as well as Bronx High School of Science and High School of American Studies at Lehman College.

    person doing research to asnwer the question "Is moving to Manhattan right for you?"
    Make sure to do your research before you make a decision!

    Alright, that would be enough statistics for now. Let’s take a look at some of the other things that you will want to consider.

    The energy of the city is quite unique

    To truly answer is moving to Manhattan right for you, you simply have to figure out whether the city’s unique energy is something that you enjoy. You may have heard numerous stereotypes about straight-talking NYC residents (they are mostly true) but you simply have to experience the city’s energy first-hand to really understand it. The impatience and bluntness of the city’s residents are something that can surprise any newcomer. Most movers NYC has on offer will provide ample advice on how to adapt to the city’s unique atmosphere. But even so, you may find yourself struggling, especially if you come from a smaller city.

    You will have to adapt to the prices and the competitive environment

    Alright, here comes the nasty part about living in Manhattan. The cost of living in NYC is around 20% higher than the national average. Only a third of New York residents own their homes, which means that the rest of them are renting a place to live. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the apartment or office costs, you are in for a rude awakening. Many people choose to live with others so they can share in housing expenses, that is what the situation is like. If you want to live in an optimal location and balance your budget, this is the option you will most likely need to take. Make sure that you are prepared for everything that entails if that’s the case.

    But even worse, if you are not used to cut-throat levels of competitiveness (and simply can’t get used to them), Manhattan is just not the place for you. On the other side, if you are striving in a competitive environment, there may be no better place in the world for you. The opportunities for advancement are amazing but so is the time and effort required to achieve them. You will be competing on a daily, even hourly, basis when you live in Manhattan. But if you are planning to relocate a business that strives in such an environment, go ahead and contact one of the commercial movers Manhattan has to offer, as you will definitely succeed. You will be able to find an ambitious workforce, as well as work with some of the largest names in the industry, regardless of your chosen line of business.

    person counting money
    There’s a lot of money to be made in Manhattan.

    Is moving to Manhattan right for you – Conclusion

    When you come right down to it, living in the most famous borough of the city of New York is fast-paced, hectic, competitive, and expensive. The locals are blunt and impatient and the housing market is extremely prohibitive. But it is also a city of immense opportunity and unlimited potential for financial, social, and cultural gain. Is moving to Manhattan right for you? That is, ultimately, a question only you can answer. We hope we’ve provided you with enough information to make the right decision.

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