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    Having a storage unit is really handy. You are able to store many items that would otherwise clog up your home. However, in our desire to store some of our belongings, we get enticed to store items that we really should not be storing. Apart from the dangerous substances, there are other classes of items such as heirlooms and important documents that should never be within a long-term storage unit. That is why Simplify Valet Storage & Moving has prepared this article for you, so you know what should and should not be stored. We will be going over the items you shouldn’t store long term and why exactly you might want to refrain from storing them.

    Items you shouldn’t store long term – Big Five

    Here are the five main categories of items that should not be considered for a long-term storage unit:

    • Dangerous or hazardous materials
    • Any items that require constant maintenance
    • Important documents are items you shouldn’t store long term
    • Heirlooms
    • Items you shouldn’t store long term – Anything that is illegal to store

    Depending on the circumstances, there may be other items that fit the same “bill”. Whenever an item is too valuable to lose, it has no place within long-term storage, simple as that. Furthermore, your decision may depend on the type of unit you are using for storage. For example, many storage companies NYC offer extremely secure storage facilities, some of which are designed to accommodate a certain type of items (e.g. documents). Obviously, using such a unit lifts some of the restrictions. But as a rule of thumb, you want your documents near you, not in the confines of a storage unit.

    Items you shouldn't store long term - hazardous materials
    Never keep hazardous substances within a storage unit.

    Dangerous or hazardous materials

    The first major category of items you do not want for long-term storage is hazardous materials. The obvious ones are explosives of any kind, as well as any kind of fuel. This includes anything that might still be in small motors, as well. Then there are pesticides, ammunition, and guns, propane tanks, etc. The list even includes batteries, though they are definitely a lot “safer” than the rest of them. In fact, these items are never safe to store, whether you are using a climate-controlled storage NYC unit or otherwise. However, by utilizing such a unit, you will prevent any liquid from expanding due to humidity. If you absolutely have to store any dangerous liquids, your best bet might be a climate-controlled unit. But even then you never want to leave dangerous substances inside storage for too long.

    Any items that require constant maintenance

    You may consider a long-term storage unit ideal for storing your RV or a car that you are working on. But you need to make sure that you take it out from time to time and drive it around. Vehicles require maintenance on a regular basis and they can deteriorate from prolonged stay inside a storage unit. The same goes for any item that has an engine or complex moving parts, like an old, antique clock. These things all but require to be used constantly and will break down over time. That being said, they are not really prohibited from storing in the way that hazardous materials are, it just means that you need to check up on them from time to time. But the problem is that long-term storage usually makes us forget about the things inside.  

    people walking in a storage facility
    Make sure to regularly visit your unit and check up on items that require maintenance.

    Important documents are items you shouldn’t store long term

    While it is perfectly normal to store some documents in the storage unit, such as manuals, comics, and similar items, you should avoid storing anything that is particularly important (yes, that includes limited edition comics as well). Any document that has proof of your identity has no place inside a storage unit, as well as documents that have a high impact should someone get a hold of them. This includes any passports old and new, marriage licenses, medical and school records, etc. You always want to keep those at hand, preferably in a secure location in your home.


    When it comes to family heirlooms, you want to ensure that they are always kept safe and protected. Storage units have fluctuations in temperature and humidity which can damage your beloved items. Even if you are using packing services from a professional moving company, you can never be too safe with these items. Renting a climate-controlled unit helps quite a bit, but it is not a guarantee by any margin. But if you really have to store such belongings, you always want to prepare them to the best of your ability, as well as to insure them accordingly. However, even if you do all of that, you might be at a severe loss if anything is to happen to your prized possessions.

    Therefore, you may want to consider a short-term storing option but you should always make other arrangements for the long term. A storage unit is simply not suitable for holding them for an extended period of time, simple as that.

    an old ring
    Try to find another solution for family heirlooms.

    Items you shouldn’t store long term – Anything that is illegal to store

    Now, this might be as clear as day, but storing illicit items is a big no-no. They do not belong inside a storage unit, and you might get into a lot of trouble if you store them. These are the items you shouldn’t store long term, short-term, or at any point. Your storage provider may observe that you are doing something illegal and notify the police. While we can’t tell you how to live your life, we can mention that prohibited items have no place in a storage unit, not for a day or a year. The reason why we are mentioning them is that you might not know some of the items are illegal in the first place. Every state has its own laws, after all, and you might not be familiar with them.

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