Manhattan storage tips

Are you moving and need a place to store your belongings? You can either contact a professional moving company, that can help you relocate and provide storage services or contact an independent storage facility to rent a unit. Of course, this will mostly depend on whether you want to have a DIY relocation process or the one where you allow professional movers to help you relocate with ease. Either way, we are going to provide you with some Manhattan storage tips you can utilize once you rent your storage unit. Having a storage unit, mostly during the relocation process, is surely something that can help you ease through the process. By putting away certain items that might be in your way, you will be able to focus on those that you want to take with you as you move.

Manhattan storage tips you can utilize

Luckily, if you are moving to Manhattan, or NYC in general, you will have a plethora of options regarding your storage solutions, one of them being storage Manhattan service. However, finding the perfect storage might seem like child’s play when talking about properly storing your belongings inside the unit.

a panoramic view of the city of New York where you can utilize Manhattan storage tips
There is a huge variety of storage options in Manhattan and you should consider most of them before opting for the best one

Now, one might think that storing your items inside a storage unit is as simple as placing them inside and putting a lock on the door. What might seem like quick work might actually create issues in the long run, if not done properly. Just because one might find a plethora of options when finding a storage unit in Manhattan, does not mean that all of them will suit your needs. Here is how you should properly store your items and what to keep an eye on.

Calculate your costs

The price of storage units in Manhattan will, as expected, vary depending on the type of unit. There, you can expect your price to vary anywhere between $15 a month and $350 a month. Firstly, the price can be determined by the sheer size of the unit you choose. Secondly, the location of the unit will most likely impact the price as well. Therefore, we advise you first assess your budget before you choose a storage service. That way, you can calculate how much money you can give on storage units. More importantly, because these expenses will be on a monthly level, we advise calculating how much money will you need to rent the unit for the time you need it. That way, no additional costs can catch you by surprise.

Choose the right storage service with appropriate conditions

The next step of our Manhattan storage tips is to provide adequate conditions for the items you plan on storing inside the unit. Renting a storage unit, like Valet storage, means that your items should be safe at all times and not suffer any damage while inside. Therefore, you must be able to understand what your items required in order to preserve their longevity for the time they are inside the unit.

a man between shelves inside a storage unit
Depending on what type of items you want to store inside, you should seek proper conditions

Here are some of the basic things you should seek when renting a unit:

  • The period on which you want to rent your unit
  • Having a proper temperature to assure your items remain intact
  • Opting for pest control is a good thing to do
  • Do you need portable storage or a regular storage unit?

Before you contact the storage facility you have to know what you want. Check your items and research what type of storage unit will provide the best protection to them.

Manhattan storage tips: How to properly pack your belongings inside

So, you have found the storage unit you think is the best for your items? Good. Now let us talk about something else. Namely, just because you have a specific storage unit in mind, does not mean that you do not need to work on protecting your belongings. Moreover, besides protecting the items, it is also advisable that you organize them in a proper manner.

Obtain packing supplies for an adequate packing process

Your items will still require both protection and adequate containers once inside the unit. Of course, you cannot pack your couch in a moving box, but you can ensure that it is safe during its time there. Or, for instance, if you are packing collectibles, which are often quite valuable, you need to think about how safe they are going to be inside the unit.

a couple sitting besides a stack of cardboard boxes
Obtain adequate supplies to protect the items you place inside the unit and do not forget to label the boxes

So, take some time to acquire cardboard or plastic boxes and bins, alongside packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. Once you have all those items with you, you can start slowly packing your items. Cardboard boxes or bins, for example, are a great way to create an organized environment inside the unit, as they will allow you to stack them on one another.

Organization of your unit

You are facing an empty storage unit. Should you just start placing items inside and seal the door? Well, no. Instead, you should approach this process with utmost care. More importantly, you should always have a clear plan on how you want to organize your unit. By doing so, you will be able to, later, visit your unit and know where everything is. Start by, for example, storing your furniture inside the unit. However, make sure that the furniture is always close to the door of the unit. This will make it easier for you to pull it out once the time comes. Additionally, utilize those boxes we were talking about to stack them on one another. The heaviest boxes go at the bottom and lighter boxes go on top of them. By utilizing these Manhattan storage tips, you will be able to grasp the process with ease and precaution.

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