Moving from the suburbs to the city

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    Moving from the suburbs to the city can be a difficult task. You have to plan your entire move, organize it, pack your belongings, relocate, and unpack. That’s a lot of things to do. Plus on top of that, your relocation has to be stress-free, effortless, and quick. Now, that isn’t easy. That’s why many people consider relocation to be one of the most stressful experiences they can have. However, it doesn’t need to be like that.

    A family moving from the suburbs to the city
    Moving is always easier with help.

    With the right Manhattan residential movers relocation is as easy as pie. All you need to do is hire a reliable moving company, and let them do the job for you. While you sit back, relax, and spend quality time with your friends, and family members.

    Moving from the suburbs to the city: the plan

    As we have mentioned above, relocation is not easy. We always try to explain to our clients that it’s a very complex puzzle. In that, every piece of the puzzle must fit perfectly so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now, we understand that not everyone realizes the importance of relocating safely, securely, and effortlessly. However, what we think everybody does realize is the importance of having a moving plan. At the very least, the broad strokes of your relocation. The moving date, your moving budget, and whether nor not you are going to hire movers. These are some of the most common key questions every person who’s ever relocated at one point or another have asked themselves. We recommend you stick with those points. Decide when you are going to move, how you are going to move, and how much money you have for the move.


    Finally, once you’ve decided on all of those important questions the next thing you need to do is declutter. The cost of hiring local movers in Manhattan NY is measured by the weight of your belongings. Or, in other words, the more stuff you have the higher the cost of the move will be. That’s why we always recommend organizing and decluttering before you move. First, you never get free time to do this, so use that to your advantage. Second, you’ll feel much better having to declutter your belongings. Thirdly, it’s a great way to bond with your family members. So, with that being said, how should one approach decluttering?

    moving boxes
    The more you want to move, the higher the cost of the move will be. Don’t forget that when decluttering!

    Moving from the suburbs to the city: how to declutter

    There are plenty of methods out there on how to declutter your belongings. We recognize that when it comes to decluttering no-size-fits-all, exists. The best way is the method that gets you to declutter. However, with that being said, here are some of the steps we recommend you take when decluttering:

    • Tidy everything at once. We recommend that you schedule a day or two in your calendar for decluttering. Don’t do small steps one day at a time. We feel like removing everything at once will help you stay on track and streamline the entire process.
    • Tidy by category. Separate all your belongings into categories. For example, books, clothes, and personal items. Make piles according to categories. In this case, you have three categories so you would make three piles. One for books, one for clothes, and the last one for personal items. We found this works best rather than decluttering by location. As most of the time, your belongings are not in one location (i.e. not all your clothes are in your dressing room. Some are in the attic, while others are somewhere else entirely).
    • Ask whether an item sparks joy. The world-renown Japanese organizing consultant KonMari recommends that her clients ask themselves this question when decluttering. It cuts through the memorabilia and the usefulness of the item. And helps you decide whether nor not you should keep an item. If an item doesn’t spark joy you get rid of it, and if it does you keep it.

    If you have some precious family heirloom or artwork make sure to hire art movers NYC. With our valet moving services you’ll get everything relocated in a matter of moments safely, securely, and without worry.

    Moving from the suburbs to the city

    After you’ve created a plan and decluttered it’s time to relocate. Now, there are a lot of guides out there on what to do on moving day. And we, surely won’t go in-depth on that topic today. However, we generally recommend the following.

    a high angle shot of the suburbs
    When leaving the suburbs don’t forget to say goodbye to your neighbors.
    • Keep a to-do list close by. Pen and paper or an app. It doesn’t matter. Whatever allows you to keep you on top of your daily tasks.
    • Pack a cooler. Load up your cooler with high-protein foods and electrolytes.
    • Have a moving essential bag. Don’t forget to pack a bag with all the important items you’ll need right after the move (i.e. personal documents, money, phone charger, etc.)
    • Do one last walk-through. After everything is set and done, make sure to do one last walk-through to see if you’ve forgotten anything.

    What to expect?

    If you’ve moved to the city there are a couple of things you should expect differently. Namely,

    • You’ll make friends easier. Given the sheer size of people living in cities, making friends here is much easier than in the suburbs.
    • You won’t have to worry about home maintenance as much. Forget about lawn moving and deep house maintenance. Living in an apartment is lightweight maintenance.
    • Coffee shops and restaurants are common meeting places. In the city, people meet up at coffee shops and restaurants, not at each other’s homes like in the suburbs. Most apartments are inconvenient for hangouts anyway.
    • Traffic and commute. The number one thing you’ll have to get used to is the long commutes and crosstown traffic. Unfortunately, being stuck in traffic is a drag but a part of living in the city.

    If you found this article helpful and you want to relocate your business make sure you check out our commercial movers Manhattan.


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