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    Certain types of items are especially difficult to handle during a move. When it comes to art, because of the variety of shapes, sizes, weights, and values, relocating it can present a real challenge even for most professional movers. That is why, at Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, we have organized special teams of well-trained professionals who can handle every type of art regardless of whether you are moving your home or a gallery. We approach every piece with care, utilizing only appropriate techniques and high-quality packing materials to ensure the highest level of safety for your valuables. Let your valuable paintings and sculptures be handled by some of the most experienced art movers NYC can offer. Contact us, get a free quote – we can start planning your move immediately. 

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    We are one of the most highly rated art movers NYC has

    We have teams of specially trained art movers

    Valuable art pieces are not reserved only for art galleries and museums. Today, every home contains some type of art. Oftentimes you can find very valuable pieces in private collections. This means that almost every relocation involves handling some type of art.

    Through our vast experience, we have learned that this type of work cannot be done properly without an expert hand. That is why we have employees that are specially trained for handling art. No matter whether you have a painting, a ceramic piece, or a sculpture, you can rest assured that our professionals will handle any type and any number of art pieces properly and ensure safe delivery.

    Contact us to get an estimate

    Your first step is to contact us and give us the details of your move. When it comes to art pieces it is important to give us as many details as possible. If it’s necessary, our experts will visit your premises to evaluate the task so they can prepare a proper moving plan and give you a precise estimate. Naturally, you can get a free moving quote online. However, when it comes to valuable and delicate art pieces, it is much better to have our professionals assess the situation in person. We approach every step meticulously. That is why we are one of the best art movers NYC can offer.

    We offer a variety of moving services

    We are a go-to moving company when it comes to relocating art. And we can ease your relocation in many different ways. We provide different types of moving services that are designed to handle art relocation depending on the situation. That is why we offer:

    We have teams of experienced local movers

    Moving art is difficult. However, moving art in New York City can be called an art form on its own. We all know how stressful and nerve-wracking can a simple drive through this city can be. And when you have valuable and delicate pieces to handle as well, the task becomes a real challenge. From going through narrow corridors and crossing steep staircases, to maneuvering through busy streets and finding a parking spot for a moving truck.

    Guggenheim museum
    Relocating in NYC is an art form on its own

    Luckily we have teams of local movers that know this city better than most. We are true experts that know how to cross every obstacle this city throws at us. If you want to make sure that your valuable piece reaches its destination unharmed, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving is a company to call.

    Move your private art pieces with the help of our residential movers

    Every home contains some type of art these days. And the value and extravagance of pieces that we have run into through the years taught us that we need to be on top of this game even when it comes to residential relocations. If you hire our NYC art moving professionals, you will get the highest level of service. We will provide you with professionals that will utilize the same procedures, and packing techniques, and materials as when we are moving an art gallery.

    We can handle all sorts of commercial relocations

    The same level of service will be provided for residential and commercial art relocations. However, commercial relocations do require a different approach because of the number of items that are usually involved in the move. Nevertheless, we have enough trained manpower and proper equipment and materials to handle even the most complicated commercial art relocations in NYC.

    Your art will be protected with packing materials of the highest quality

    Packing is the crucial part that will make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful move. This is true especially when it comes to art. That is why, we will let our packing professionals utilize their experience, knowledge, and appropriate packing materials to make sure your items arrive safely and unharmed. Also, our experts understand that certain items require a different method or even special packing materials. We approach every piece individually. That is also why we are one of the most appreciated art movers NYC has.

    wrapped statue
    Our professional packers will make sure that your art is well-protected

    Ensure safe transport of your art – contact Simplify Valet Storage & Moving

    No matter whether you are moving your home or a gallery if you have valuable art to move, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving is at your disposal. We offer some of the best art movers NYC can provide. Contact us, give us a task, and you can rest assured that your art will be handled professionally and with the highest dose of care. 

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    - Miriam Neustadt


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