Moving with Teenagers: How to Cope

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    Relocations are just about one of the most stressful things an adult can do in their life. After all, you’re leaving the things you know and love and venturing forth into the “unknown”. But for teenagers, this process is even more stressful as they usually don’t have much say in it. They are in a spot between adulthood and childhood and they may make the move to another home particularly hard. Therefore, before you hire one of the Soho movers for your relocation, you might want to make the transition easy for your teen. Moving with teenagers is all about making it easier for them to handle. And that is what we are going to teach you how to do.

    Moving with teenagers – how to make it easier?

    Every teenager is different. However, there are some things that you can do to make the transition easier for them:

    • Involve them in the process
    • Take them to property viewings
    • Make sure that your teen has something to do
    • Create memories of your old home together
    • Above all else, listen to your teen

    The most important thing is that you allocate enough time and energy for “dealing” with your teen. They can be quite difficult to handle, yes, but it is your job to remain calm and try to make the most of the relocation process. You can leave the hard work to your Tribeca movers but you need to talk to your kid on your own. No one is going to do that for you. With that in mind, let’s see how to go about it.

    a family, moving with teenagers
    You will want to put your teen at the forefront.

    Involving your teen in the relocation effort

    To try and avoid any discontent, try to engage your teenager in the moving process as much as possible. Start by listening to their input and their ideas. You can even give them the task of finding ideal Financial District movers, for example. If you can, try to incorporate your teen’s wishes about the new home. That can make them feel like they actually have a choice in the matter.

    The lack of choice and any influence is what makes relocations so hard for teens. They think they know the best, after all, and if you do not listen to them they may start to behave erratically. We’re not saying that you need to do everything as your kid wishes, far from it. But at least listen to their proposals, talk about them, and consider them for real. The more you manage to involve the teen in the process, the better, as that will make them feel like they are a part of it.

    Taking them to view the new property

    Another very important thing is to try and focus on the positive sides of the relocation process. Take your teen with you when you go looking for a home to buy or rent and see if they find something they like in the area. The more fun things both of you discover, the easier it is going to be. As for home viewings, you can talk about how your teen wishes to decorate their new room. That can create feelings of excitement and may make your life a lot easier. Again, the important thing to convey to your teen is that they are integral to making decisions. That their opinions matter.

    two adults and a child
    Take your kid with you.

    Moving with teenagers is all about finding stuff for them to do

    Despite your best efforts, it is entirely possible that your teen is simply not accepting the transition. While you can’t do much about it in the short run, what you can do is make them busy. Find some tasks for your teen to do, such as unpacking boxes, organizing their room, or anything that you think will be a good chore for them to do. Try to avoid making it look like a punishment, though. Convey that you need help and that you and your movers NYC simply can’t do everything on your own. You need the help of your teen. By making them feel important, everything is going to be easier.

    Creating memories can make the transition easier

    The first period after the relocation is the hardest. You are in a place that you simply can’t call “home” yet. What you want to do is start creating fun memories from the “get-go”. Don’t fuss over unpacking and getting everything sorted straight away. Take some time to organize a fun activity for you and your teen to do. A good idea is to set up a movie night or a slumber party for the very first night in your home. This will create lasting memories as well as associate the move with something positive.

    Having some photos of your old home and going over them can also help both you and your teen to get some closure. Don’t be afraid of the occasional bout of sadness, that is perfectly normal. You have just moved into another place and left the old one for good. Don’t bottle your feelings, let them go out. It is a good thing to do for you and your teen both.

    a family giving gifts to each other
    You will want to create fun memories as soon as possible.

    When moving with teenagers, listen to them

    This is the most important tip that we can give to you. You need to try and understand what is going on with your kid. And the best way to do that is to actually listen to what they say and look at what they do. If you discover any signs of upset, you might want to react. Or you might want to leave them to have their space, you know your kid best after all. But the important thing is to let them know that they are your first priority, not the relocation, not the new home, not anything else.

    Moving with teenagers is a very demanding process, one that requires you to be in control of your emotions. Granted, the task is not easy and there will be a few bumps on the proverbial road. But if you keep a cool head and talk to your kid, you can deal with just about anything!

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