Moving your household in NYC

Moving your household in NYC requires thorough preparation, reliable moving company, and a bit of luck in order to be o completed successfully. Everyone knows that moving around NYC is not a simple thing. However, when you are moving with an entire household inventory, things get really complicated. Luckily, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving has a lot of experience in NYC relocations and can help you go through the process quickly and without stressing yourself too much. Take a look at how to do it right.

Start preparing on time

The first and crucial part of moving your household in NYC is to give yourself enough time to prepare. If you start preparing as soon as you learn about the move, you will have enough time to do things right and, most importantly, do everything that you need to do. Movers Upper East Side say that you need at least a month to prepare properly. In some cases, even more.  Bear that in mind when you enter the relocation process.

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Give yourself enough time to prepare

Prepare a moving plan that will help you to keep the process under control

Of course, all the time in the world will not help you move properly if you do not have a good moving plan. NYC relocations require thorough planning. Every part of the move needs to be prepared in advance. You need to have a schedule on what to do and when. And if you do not do this right, you are bound to forget about something. Naturally, forgetting to do something during a move, most of the time reflects on your wallet.  If you never moved before, use the internet to see other people’s experiences. This way you will get an idea of the things that need to be done before your residential movers NYC arrive at your home.

Notify everyone about your move

Dealing with utility companies is something that you should definitely do in the early stages of your move. You should notify everyone about your move. This means your electricity, gas, water, internet providers, credit companies, doctor, postal service, etc. Also, you should notify your future service providers about your move. You want to have everything running once you enter the new home.

Get rid of the junk and excess items

Once you dealt with notifying everyone about your move, you should start dealing with your belongings. Of course, your first task is to clear out the junk and remove all items that you do not use. Every home has items that are just taking space and are of no use. In the case of moving, not only that they are taking your space but they are also making your move more complicated and expensive since local movers NYC charge according to the size of your moving inventory.

Removing the junk

One of the things that you need to do during a decluttering process is to figure out how to get rid of the junk. Of course, if you only have junk you can let NYC sanitation service deal with it. However, if you have good items, that someone can have use of, you can think about selling or donating, maybe even renting a storage unit and keeping them there.

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You can leave the junk to the sanitation service

Make a precise moving inventory list

After you deal with junk it is time to make a list of items that you are planning to move with you. The list should contain as much information as possible about your items. This means listing their names, weights, dimensions, conditions, colors, serial numbers, etc. The list will allow your movers to give you a precise online estimate. And you will use it later to check your items after delivery.

Prepare a moving budget to keep your expenses under control

Going through your moving inventory and dealing with your excess items will allow you to make a proper moving budget. You will know how much money you can invest in the move after you sell your excess items. And, after making a moving inventory list, you will know what type of services you need to get. These are crucial things when making a moving budget.

Find a reliable moving company to help you with moving your household in NYC

Finally, it is time to hire a moving company. Bear in mind that you need to do this well before the moving date because all the best moving companies in NYC are booked for several weeks in advance. That is why you need to start preparing for the move as soon as you can – so that you manage to finish the things we stated above and be able to hire movers at least a few weeks before the move. Still, do not hire the first moving company that offers you a good deal. Reliability is far more important than prices when it comes to moving companies. So make sure that you investigate thoroughly before making the final decision. Check your movers, reputation, reliability, experience, equipment, and available services.

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Invest some time into researching movers

Hire additional service to simplify your move

When it comes to available services, every company has a unique offer. Some are only dealing with local relocations, for example, while others can do much more. Also, one of the things that you need to pay attention to is their available services. If you have a piano to move, you will need to find movers that can do that. Our, suggestion is to hire packing services as it is the most helpful option that can make your relocation simple and safe without increasing the final price too much.

Moving your household in NYC can be a positive experience as well

As you can see moving your household in NYC doesn’t have to be such a stressful process. If you take enough time, plan everything thoroughly, and hire reliable movers to help you, moving to another part of New York City can actually be a rememberable adventure.

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