Pack your artwork for a move from Chelsea to Harlem

New York City is a thriving place for the arts and culture. A vast majority of households and businesses own at least one valuable piece of art. These are precious statement pieces that express the likings of the owner. There are also many artists calling the Big Apple home. And if you’re one of them, chances are you dread moving because you’re concerned about the transfer of your collection. Yet another puzzling question could be how to pack your artwork for a move. Anyway, don’t worry, as Simplify Valet Storage & Moving have you covered in all cases. In the text that follows our experts will share a few valuable tips on how to safely pack and move your art. So, take note and handle the mission with success.

Paintings hanged on a red wall
Pack your artwork for a move and transfer it safely with the help of pro local movers

Considerations before you pack your artwork for a move

Local moves throughout NYC are complex projects. If you’re moving from Chelsea to Harlem, you’ll be setting on a roughly 5-mile journey. This may not seem as much, but remember that you’ll need to conquer the distance along with all your belongings, including your precious artwork. Right at the start, you should make a point to hire specialty art movers NYC and ensure the best outcome of your relocation project. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your art pieces are handled by pros and that they will get to your new place safe and in one piece.

Besides, if you want to handle the packing part of your artwork for a move like a pro, here are a few considerations to set you up on the right track:

  • Packing materials
  • Packing precautions
  • Temperature control

What packing materials will you need to pack art for transfer?

Your art collection may consist of invaluable paintings or family portraits, and photos with irreplaceable personal value. Either way, pack your works of art with their safety in mind. It’s best if you enlist local moving companies NYC to handle the packing altogether. The trained pros will not only provide the necessary packing materials, but they have honed skills to ensure the ultimate protection of your artwork during transport.

Various framed artwork on a wall
Consider the packing materials you’ll need to pack your paintings

Besides, make a list of what packing materials will you need to wrap your artwork for the move. Here’s a list of essentials you may consider stashing on:

  • Boxes to fit the size of the frames. This is a pretty self-explanatory point. Ensure you gather the right dimensions and quality of boxes too. Flimsy, second-hand cardboard isn’t the best option. Instead, ask your mover to supply you with the right type of boxes to ensure you pack your artwork for a move in the safest possible way.
  • Painters or masking tape. When you prepare art for moving, using duct tape is a no-no. Its stickiness and durability are sure to cause irreversible damages to your precious art pieces. So, opt for painter’s tape, which is made of light paper that is easy to tear without removing the paint of your delicate art.
  • Parchment paper. With its resistance to humidity and grease, this will help you render the right protection to your art collection.
  • Bubble wrap. And lots of it. The air-filled bubbles will ensure protection from damages and will provide shock absorption too.

Handle the packaging of your artwork with delicate care

Packing canvas or any other fragile item requires a mindful approach. Before you set on wrapping your artwork for the move, designate an area in your home where the action will take place. This should be a flat and sturdy area, like the floor or a table. It should also be vacant of any debris, sharp objects, like nails, and other possible obstructions. In case you’re entrusting the task to your skillful Chelsea movers, make sure you have everything cleared out before they arrive. Besides, cover the surface of the packing area with bubble wrap or a moving blanket, before laying out your work of art for packing.

A woman taking artwork off a wall
Mind the sensitivity of your art pieces and always handle them with care

Consider temperature-controlled storage when moving your art

Art is delicate and it’s sensitive to outside conditions and temperature. The frames are often made of plywood, and paintings often contain layers of cushioning beneath the canvas. Hence, humidity or other unfavorable conditions are sure to damage your valuables. You should consult with your movers Harlem NYC on the options of valet storage and temperature-controlled units they offer. With this, you can be sure that you’re providing the best care for your delicate items. Once you package your art for a move, or you let the pros handle it, they will safely transfer it to the unit and will deliver it to you upon request to your new place in Harlem.

Steps to pack your artwork for a move

Packing artwork is an art itself. You have to know the properties of adequate packing materials and how to handle the process right. All the while, your main objective should be to pack your art and keep it safe from all sorts of injuries. The following brief but comprehensive guide will help you wrap your art for a move like a pro. So, take note, and roll up your sleeves:

  • Make an X mark. For artworks that have glass covers, take out your painter’s tape and make an X across it. This is to prevent the glass from shifting during the bumpy ride. Also, if it breaks, it wouldn’t scatter around as much.
  • Wrap it up in plastic wrap. To prevent scratches from friction, wrap the entire piece in cling wrap.
  • Protect the corners. Make or purchase cardboard corner protectors and place them over the plastic wrap layer. This will ensure the extra protection of the corners of your piece.
  • Wrap it up in bubble wrap. And do not save on this one. Wrap generous layers across the vertical and horizontal dimensions, and secure it with packing tape. An ample amount of bubble wrap will ensure proper padding.
  • Cushion the bottom of the box. Pack your artwork for a move in a corresponding box with a cushioned bottom. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap to this effect.
  • Make a test. Before you seal off the box, test it out if it fits right. Shake it gently and move it left and right to see if anything shifts inside. If it feels safe, seal it with packing tape.
  • Label the box. This should be your last step, and you shouldn’t skip it. Make sure you place a Fragile Item sticker or Artwork to alert the movers upon handling.

Final words

In conclusion, this is how to pack your artwork for a move from Chelsea to Harlem. So, take note and follow our practical step-by-step mini-guide to nail it right. And remember, the safest and most time-saving option is to hire a skilled team to take care of the packing and transfer of your delicate possessions. Good luck.

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