Pros and cons of moving to Brooklyn as a senior

Moving to a new home is always a really big deal, no matter how old you are. However, we tend to get less and less forthcoming to change as we grow older and once the time of retirement comes, it is natural to start thinking about a permanent home where enjoying retirement would be nice and easy. There are many places out there that could fill in that role quite well. Today we are going to talk about whether you should be moving to Brooklyn as a senior. We have created a list of pros and cons for both options, to make it as easy for you as possible to determine whether you should be hiring local movers Brooklyn offers or not. So, without further ado, let us begin. 

Pros of moving to Brooklyn as a senior

Brooklyn is a worldwide famous place. On its own, hundreds of millions of people know about it and would love to live there. The reason for this is that there are many great things about living in Brooklyn, so here are the key pros for moving here as a senior. 

The center of the world 

As a part of New York City, Brooklyn is practically one of the centers of the world. Not many cities can compare themselves to NYC. It is one of the top trading, touristic, cultural, and economic capitals of the planet. Living in Brooklyn means that you are connected to everything and everyone. There are countless options for things you can do here. Cultural life is rich and as varied as it gets. If you want theaters or concert halls, Brooklyn has it all. If you want to gaze upon amazing architecture daily, look no further. Many people in need of a slower pace are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. While it is still a fast-paced place, it’s not as crazy as Manhattan. This makes it a potentially perfect compromise. 

One of the pros of moving to Brooklyn as a senior is that there is always something to do
Living in Brooklyn means that you would always have a lot of options for all sorts of fun activities

There is always something to do 

If there is one thing, no one can objectively say about Brooklyn, is that it is boring. In such a large palace, there is always something to do. If you like to drink coffee, you can drink coffee in a new bar every single day for years and years without actually leaving Brooklyn. There are always plays to see, tourist tours to take and people to meet. If you can count on Brooklyn to deliver one thing – You will have fun here! As a cherry on top, people here are very open towards new folk. It will be easy to find new friends to spend time with. So, if you are the adventurous type, then this right here can be just the thing that you need.

Cons of moving to Brooklyn as a senior

As is the case with every other place in the world, Brooklyn also has its own share of disadvantages. In such a big place, there are many things that can be good for one person, and bad for the other. Some things are universally bad. So, let us know what are the chief reasons for not moving to Brooklyn. 

Noise and the hectic lifestyle

These are not necessarily bad things for everyone. Many people like to be active, and they like their surroundings active as well. Brooklyn and New York City as a whole are definitely a part of the “very noisy” group. There are certain parts, clearly, that are not as noisy and where life goes on at a slower pace, but mostly that is not the case. Since, generally speaking, senior citizens prefer a more relaxed tempo of life, this is one of the reasons why moving to Brooklyn may not be a great idea for an average senior. 

Lack of greenery and fresh air

For people who have spent their entire lives in huge cities, the air they breathe can be perfectly alright. For some people, this will certainly not be the case. There is a good reason why many seniors move away from large cities. Living in a smaller town that has woods and hills for walking nearby is great. While Brooklyn has its fair share of green surfaces such as parks, it is still often not enough. Add to this the fact that distances in Brooklyn are quite larger than in a smaller town of 50,000 people, and this can all be a pretty big enough con.

a street view
There is a lot of noise and not as many green areas in Brooklyn as one would like

If you decide to move to Brooklyn, make sure you hire movers quickly and carefully

One of the most important elements of any successful move is to hire a reliable moving company. There are many quality Manhattan residential movers out there. You will clearly want to make sure that you did the necessary homework on this. There are also some sketchy moving companies there, so being careful is never a bad thing. Ask your friends and family for advice. They may know a good moving company that can serve you well. Likewise, they may warn you about the bad ones. Looking them up on the Internet is another great way to check potential movers. 

people on a bridge
Brooklyn has a lot to offer, but may not be the place for everybody

Another important aspect of finding the best moving company among the many quality movers Manhattan offers is doing so in time. Many moving companies have their peak season during the summer. For a lot of them, this can go on well into the fall as well. If you decide to move to Brooklyn (or other parts of NYC), act fast. Movers here often have packed schedules, and it may take time to get a calendar slot. So, the moment you have an idea of a moving date, call the movers and book the slot.

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