Pros and Cons of Raising Kids in Chinatown NYC

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    Ah, New York City, the Big Apple. One of the largest cities in the world, filled to the brim with opportunity. Within it, there lies an interesting neighborhood known as Chinatown. That neighborhood is still growing, even though for decades it has been a hot spot for immigration. Now, before you call your movers NYC, you should read what we have to say. In this article, we’ll help you decide whether raising kids in Chinatown, NYC is for you.

    Some street lanters in Chinatown, representing Raising Kids in Chinatown NYC
    Raising kids in Chinatown NYC could be perfect for you, but it depends on what you want for your children.

    What You Need to Know Before You Start Raising Kids in Chinatown NYC

    Now before you start calling Chinatown movers. While there are numerous benefits to raising kids in Chinatown NYC, there are some cons as well. Life in a huge city like New York is quite different from one in a suburb or even a smaller city. There are positive aspects of both, and neither of them will really ruin your children. Although it will give them very different upbringings, views, opinions, and lifestyles. So, you should consider all of the implications before you make your final decision.

    Raising Kids in NYC Can Be a Bit Tough

    The first thing that you should know is that raising kids in Chinatown, and NYC in general, is somewhat harder than if you were to live in a small town. NYC is huge and while that offers many benefits, you will need to keep a closer watch on your children. It will be harder to have your own backyard for your kids to play in. So, accompanying them to your local park will have to do — At least while they are small.

    NYC is Full of Opportunities

    Even though there are dangers to raising kids in Chinatown, there is also a lot of opportunities. NYC is one of the largest and richest cities in the world, your child can pursue anything they want, and be able to achieve anything they set their mind to. In addition, living in NYC is good for you as well. In general, jobs are better-paying in NYC, and will allow you to provide a higher standard of living for your family. Furthermore, the education system in New York is amazing. Although, it does vary from school to school. So, maybe looking into Manhattan residential movers isn’t a bad idea after all.

    Culture & Diversity

    The culture in Chinatown is vibrant, beautiful, and diverse. Your children can experience cultures from all over the world and interact with people of many different cultural backgrounds. Such life experiences do wonders when raising children in Chinatown NYC. From the different foods to the friends they’ll meet along the way. You can’t teach that in school, and it is an incredibly important life lesson to learn.

    Chinatown is Crowded

    It will be a tough challenge to find a quiet space in New York, and this includes Chinatown as well. There are so many people in such a relatively small area, it can often be nigh-impossible to find some peace and quiet outside of your home. There are over 100,000 densely-packed people living in Chinatown. So, if you’re more of a solitary person, who wants a peaceful, quiet, and serene environment for their children, then maybe Chinatown isn’t for you.

    New York skyline.
    New York and Chinatown tend to be overcrowded. If you’re looking for a peaceful environment, thriving in Chinatown might be a challenge.

    Housing Prices

    Even though this is a problem for every major city, in New York this is further exacerbated by the massive demand for homes. Finding a good decent home for cheap will be very difficult and you will have to be prepared to pay a large price for any decently-sized home. This leaves you with two choices, either living more modestly in a larger space or spending more on your lifestyle while sacrificing space. However, raising kids requires space, especially as they grow older. Everyone knows that older kids require more privacy and personal space.

    Chinatown and New York are a Hub of Art and Entertainment

    It’s simply one of the amenities of living in a large city — more options. Going out won’t be the same old thing every time. You can find everythingcinemas, theaters, playgrounds, parks, playrooms, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Your family nights out will be interesting to say the least.

    In addition, when your child gets older there are a lot of art-related activities to enjoy and be uplifted by. Galleries, showcases, museums, music and much more. So, maybe it is time to ring up some art movers NYC, and get them to help you move your art collection to Chinatown.

    The amount of options one can choose from is really a boon when raising kids in Chinatown NYC.

    Babysitters are Quite Expensive

    Hiring a babysitter is often needed. Especially if you and your partner are both working. Chinatown, and New York in general, have a huge problem with this. The problem is that babysitters in New York are quite expensive. That means that raising kids in Chinatown NYC can end up being quite expensive.

    A girl happily attending university.
    The city is filled with many of the world’s best schools and universities. Allowing your children an immense number of life and career paths.


    Some of the best schools in the world are located in New York. That means that your children will have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether it be arts or sciences, generally you can find anything in New York. Strong education options are one of the most important “selling” points of raising kids in Chinatown NYC. The staggering number of available life and career paths is almost hard to believe, and it really can’t be found anywhere else.


    In the end, it really does come to: “What do you want?”. If you’re looking for a peaceful, serene, tame upbringing surrounded by nature, then it is probably better that you look somewhere else. On the other hand, if you want your children to have a dynamic, vibrant, diverse upbringing filled with various opportunities, then raising kids in Chinatown NYC is definitely for you.

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