Pros and cons of storing old toys

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    Toys, especially old ones, hold a special place in our hearts. They remind us of a time when we were little. Of a time when we didn’t worry so much about life, and when all we wanted to do was play. So, naturally, we like holding on to them. On the other hand, some people collect old toys for their monetary and cultural value. But, storing old toys has both pros and cons. And you need to weigh both of them in order to make a decision on whether or not you should still keep them.

    Why do people store old toys?

    There are many reasons why you would want to keep old toys safe. And generally, there are two reasons why people hold on to old toys. First is, of course, nostalgia. Toys you played with as a child hold a special place in your life. They remind you of another time, and every time you hold them they take you back to when you were a child. You might want to hold on to them as a reminder or to pass them down to your children. In that case, you might decide to keep them at home or store them somewhere safe. On demand storage NYC allows you to “deposit” them for storage hassle-free. And when you need them, get them back within a day. It’s a hassle-free way of keeping them safe.

    storing old toys in home
    There are many reasons why you would want to safely store your old toys

    Some toys have monetary value

    Another reason why people might want to keep, or store, old toys is their value. A lot of old toys have become collectibles. So, even if they don’t hold any sentimental value, they are valuable. In that case, you can’t store them just anywhere. Keeping them at home will surely cause them to degrade over time. So, climate controlled storage NYC is needed. That does cost a little bit more, but it’s nothing compared to the value of old, collectible toys. So, in this case, storing old toys is about keeping them in pristine condition.

    Is storing old toys a good idea?

    Whether or not you decide to put your old toys in storage depends on many factors. And you will have to weigh all of them before you decide. On one hand, having them close by is more convenient. But, that leaves them exposed to damage. Storing them in a storage facility costs extra, but keeps them in perfect condition. Here are some pros and cons which will help you decide.

    Pros of putting your old toys in storage

    There are a lot of reasons why keeping your old toys in storage is a great idea. It keeps them safe and lets you free up living space. You can simply get them back any time you wish. Additionally, having everything nicely organized is a great advantage. You can catalog them as you see fit and take out of storage the exact toy you need. And when talking about collectibles, having a climate-controlled facility for them is definitely an advantage. 

    Declutter your home by storing your old toys

    One of the biggest advantages of an off-site storage facility is that it helps you declutter your home. Instead of having to use precious space for storage, you can turn it into a closet, or something else that is useful. There are many storage facilities Long Island City which is perfect for all kinds of items, toys included. And with both rent and property prices going up, every square foot of your home jumps in value. You won’t have to upsize if you can free up enough space in your home for your needs.

    toy bears
    You can declutter your home by putting old toys in storage

    Downsizing isn’t such a problem if you can store your items

    Speaking of changing the size of your home, sometimes you simply need to downsize. In those cases, storing old toys is a perfect idea. You would be surprised how many items you don’t use on a regular basis. And with Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC you don’t have to compromise. You can simply put your items in storage without even having to leave your home. Once you need them, you can simply select them in the app and they will be at your door in no time. It’s like having extra storage space in your home.

    Storing old toys helps keep their value

    Old toys can be quite valuable. It might seem strange that something that you’ve gotten at McDonald’s when you were a kid can be worth anything today. But, certain toys, even as late as the 90s are worth a fortune today. But, even if your toys aren’t worth too much now, who’s to say that they won’t be a few years from now? That’s why it’s worth investing in their proper storage. Rent a climate-controlled option and keep them safe. One day you might be glad that you did.

    Cons of storing old toys

    Just as there are pros, there are also cons to storing your old toys. Storage isn’t free, so it’s worth considering all options. Make sure you take a look at this question from all angles before you make a final decision.

    girls playing with old toys
    Keeping old toys at home means that you’ll have easier access to them

    You won’t have as easy access to them

    One con of storing old toys is that you won’t have as easy access to them. Keeping old toys at home means that you only have to take them out of a box. And while storing them is more convenient, it simply isn’t the same.

    Not all toys have value and some might never gain it

    If you are planning to hold on to your old toys in hopes of selling them in the future, think again. Not all toys have or will ever have value. And it’s difficult to assess whether your collection will gain popularity in the future. Furthermore, toys that aren’t in pristine condition can’t be sold for a lot of money. Old toys require climate-controlled storage, and that costs extra. Your investment might simply never pay off.

    Storing old toys depends on the situation

    There are reasons for both storing old toys and keeping them at home. Some toys might even be better off in the trash. But, every situation is different. So you need to take a good look at your collection and decide for yourself whether storing them is worth it. 

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