Reasons to expand your business in NYC

Expanding a business is usually a good idea, provided that you have the means and resources to do so. In a city as large as NYC, there is no shortage of customers, after all. While there are many inherent risks that come with business expansion, the reasons to expand your business in NYC are pretty powerful. While you may need to acquire additional short term storage NYC facilities, the benefits usually far outweigh the initial cost. In this article, we are going to present you with six distinct reasons why expanding might be in your best interest. 

Why would you want to expand your business in NYC?

While each individual business may have its own reasons, here are the main reasons behind almost every business expansion:

  • Reduction of risk
  • Acquiring greater expertise
  • More buying power
  • Minimizing costs
  • More profits
  • Sheer survival
a handshake in an office setting, representing how to expand your business in NYC
Expanding your business comes with a range of benefits.

However, before you decide to expand, you really need to think things through. A bad expansion can spell doom for your business if you are not careful. While there may be great reasons for expanding, you simply can’t afford to take it lightly. Even if your current business is in great shape, that does not mean that it will “explode” by expanding. Hold out on hiring additional full service storage NYC units and create a good plan first. That is the best way to go about this process. That being said, if you are still wondering whether the expansion is right for you, these reasons might convince you. 

Risk reduction

A small company has a relatively small number of clients, even in NYC, and covers just a few sectors of the industry. This means that if anything is to happen to a particular sector you are doing business in, you will be in dire straits. The phrase “too many eggs in one basket” is quite applicable to this situation. By expanding your business, you will be able to cover more sectors and minimize the associated risk. Additionally, by having multiple business storage NYC solutions, you are minimizing the chances of an accident in one of them impacting your entire business. The more you diversify your business, the better. Just make sure not to stretch too thin, as that might have a negative impact.

Expand your business in NYC for greater expertise

The more you expand, the greater the knowledge and expertise your company attains. This is one of the most important traits of business expansion. You will learn how to deal with an increased number of customers efficiently, how to optimize your business processes, and much more. Let’s take student storage NYC, for example. In recent years, the need for quality student storage solutions increased dramatically. Companies that have expanded to cover these needs are all doing great. NYC presents a huge opportunity, with its varied neighborhoods and locations. And even if it does not pan out exactly how you hoped, that experience is going to stay with your business and make it more efficient in the long run.

person repairing an electronic part
Greater expertise can help you optimize your business processes.

Your business will have greater buying power

Do note that this does not mean that you will magically attain more resources simply by expanding. What the expansion will do is increase the number of goods that you purchase. You will slowly become a “preferred customer” and will be able to strike better deals with the suppliers. The larger your company is, the better deals you are able to get, simple as that. In NYC, it is all about volume. This is something that Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC knows very well, as we have undergone a significant expansion in the last few years. If you are moving a large number of goods and services around, it will get noticed by the right people and the right companies. Expanding allows you to get into “higher circles”, so to speak, meaning that you will have more options and better connections.

You will be able to minimize some of the costs

This is, perhaps, the main reason for expanding your business. In a small company, you basically need one person for each job. But in a larger one, that same person can manage several locations at once, making the whole operation less costly in comparison. Yes, you might need to raise a few salaries but you will come out ahead in the end. The main thing you need to look at is the percentages. Let’s say that you need a person to serve as a receptionist. The job is largely the same whether you have one office in the building or several. To make the most out of the expansion, you will want to calculate your “fixed” costs that will not increase with the expansion. That way, you will be able to calculate exactly how much you are gaining.

calculator, $50 bill, and a notepad
Going larger can reduce some of your costs.

Expand your business in NYC for more profits

Reducing the costs of your business operations directly ties with the profits you are able to achieve. Large companies that service more customers are able to streamline much of the production costs, enabling the profits to soar. Of course, it is not as simple as that, as there are numerous variables you will need to tackle when doing business in the city of New York. But the fact of the matter is that larger businesses have greater profit potential.

You might be forced into it

The last reason why you might want to expand is the sheer survival of your company. A small business might have it really hard to make it in a city as large as NYC. There are always larger companies that have streamlined their production and services, optimized their costs, and are able to offer a lower price on their products. In order to compete with them, you might have to expand. While survival might not be one of the most glamorous reasons to expand your business in NYC, it may be a critical one. If you are finding that you are unable to compete with the scale of your operations, perhaps it is time to expand.

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