Storage During Remodeling: Where to Store Your Stuff

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    Remodeling your home is a complex and complicated task. Unfortunately, not only because you need to deal with walls, floors, doors, and windows. One of the things that most people disregard when planning a home remodeling is where to store their stuff. If you are wondering the same in this article, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving will try to explain everything about storage during remodeling. Let’s take a look.

    First, you need to take measurements and prepare a plan

    The first and most important thing when remodeling your home is to make a plan. Of course, to be able to make a good plan, you need to know how many items you have and where you can store them. So first, measure your items. Then, once you have all the measurements, scan your home for suitable storage space. If you have a space in your home, that would be the cheapest way to deal with storage during remodeling.

    a person teaking picture of household items
    First, check and measure your items so you can determine how much space you need

    Another thing that is important in this is whether you need to empty your home entirely or you can do remodeling one room at a time. If you are doing one room at a time, you can empty only the room you are currently working in. However, bear in mind that this will require that you move your item multiple times during the process. This will take a lot of energy that you need to invest into remodeling.

    If you are remodeling one room at a time maybe you do not need storage at all, or you have an empty garage or basement

    Unfortunately, moving your items around the home is not the easiest way to deal with storage during remodeling. Even though it might seem that way at first. Fortunately, you have many other options at your disposal.  If you have a garage or a basement, that could also be a good way to deal with this problem. Still, moving all your furniture to the basement is not easy without appropriate help.

    That is why we suggest that you find and hire some experienced moving services NYC can offer and let them move your items to wherever you need them. Not only that professional movers can ease this task for you but they will also keep your items and property safe as they know how to safely maneuver bulky items and have proper supplies and equipment to this task properly. Think about this option if you have garage space available.

    Ask your friends or neighbors whether they have some available space that you can use

    If you are not willing to move your items around the home while you are remodeling and you do not have an available garage or basement, you will have to consider other options. Another cheap option that you can try is to check with your friends or neighbors. Maybe someone will have some space that you can use for this.  Of course, this also requires that you find some available residential movers NYC has at the moment.  

    a home with an empty garage
    maybe your friend or a neighbor have available space that you can use

    Besides having skills and appropriate equipment in this situation vehicles that movers have are most important. How would you transport your items to your friend’s garage if you do not have a truck? The only solution is to hire professional movers.

    Rent a portable storage container

    Let’s face it, sometimes, storing your entire household inventory at your or your friend’s garage is just not possible regardless of whether the problem is space, the amount of required work, or simply because of complications that can appear during the process.  Luckily, there are more good options that you can use for storage during renovation. And those are the options that other people most often use for storage during a home renovation.

    Of course, we are talking about renting some of the storage services NYC has available. Of course, the most convenient option is to rent portable storage. If you have a front yard, a storage company can deliver a storage container a few days before you begin renovating and you can slowly load it up. Of course, the storage company can help you with loading the storage container as well.  The container can rest in your front yard while you renovate so you can have access to your items at any time or they can take it to their facility if you want.

    Rent a regular storage unit, just do not forget to pack your items well

    However, maybe you live in an apartment building and you do not have a place where you can put a storage container. In that case, you will need to rent a storage unit. Of course, in this situation, you will have to pack your items as they will, after all, rest in a storage facility. And they are not always most suitable for keeping electronics or other similarly sensitive items. Especially without proper packaging.

    storage units
    You can always rent a storage locker

    This means that you will have to acquire packing boxes, plastic bags, plastic wraps, and packing tapes and properly pack your items. Luckily, you do not have to do this by yourself as well. A lot of moving companies offer professional packing services that can do this task for you. Additionally, professional packers will also supply you with packing materials so you do not have to bother with buying boxes.

    You have many available options – think well before you decide

    As you can see, there are many things that you can do to deal with storage during remodeling. You have a few free options in which, however, you need to invest your energy. And you have a few easy options that are convenient but will cost you some money. The most important thing is that you have many ways to do it. All you have to do is to think well before you decide.

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