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    Get a Free Estimate Today!

    There are more than a few life situations that require you to rent a short term storage unit. Suppose you are selling your home and need a place to keep all your belongings in between moves. Imagine renovating and remodeling your house or apartment and getting everything out to secure storage space. Perhaps, you are starting a business and need extra space for your files, documents or office equipment. You want to keep them safe until you settle in a more permanent address. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving will be there for you no matter what life brings. We will be ready to provide you with the best short term Storage NYC can offer, only a phone call away.

    boxes suitcase and sofa ready to be moved to short term storage
    Simplify Valet Storage & Moving is dedcated to make you experience a sucesful relocation

    Simplify Valet Storage & Moving is your one-stop-shop to secure storage solutions

    We founded our company with the mission of helping our neighbors to transition painlessly from one place of residence to another. Through the years, we have helped many individuals and families to transport and relocate their belongings safely. We are more than ready to do the same for you. The storage solutions we provide are a product of years of experience and tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Our storage service’s most important feature is that it is entirely customer-oriented. More importantly, it is aimed at assisting you to have the stress-free relocation you deserve. Ensure yourself a positive relocation experience. Trust us with providing you with valuable assistance in all your moving endeavors.

    We provide a comprehensive set of moving services in New York City

    With over 1300 satisfied customers over the years, we have grown to be one of the most reliable moving companies in NYC. Our services are entirely customer-oriented. Our clients acknowledge that by recommending us to their friends and coworkers. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving employs individuals who share our passion for assisting others. We want you to have a more simple and straightforward moving experience. With the same dose of professionalism and business optimism, we guarantee to help you in the following areas:

    Do you need help with organizing a local residential relocation or you need short term storage NYC? You can count on our team of professional movers to deliver. We have been known to be efficient, quick and committed to success.

    We opted to develop several client-specific storage services

    Among different storage solutions, we decided to create the following:

    • Short term storage
    • Pick up storage services
    • Climate controlled storage
    • Furniture storage

    Besides the services mentioned above, we are constantly working on improving and streamlining all our processes. If you choose to partner with us and let us help you store your precious belongings, we will pledge for excellence. With a few simple and straightforward steps, you will ensure yourself secure short term storage NYC. While you remodel your house or find yourself in between apartments, we will keep your stuff safe. Please let us organize and carry out the pick-up and transport of your things to one of our facilities. If you agree, you can stay comfortable in your home, and do what you do best. Let us take care of the rest.

    Let us show you how we simplify storage solutions

    The first thing you will be able to experience when partnering with us is our dedication to deliver on our promises. Ask for a free storage estimate, and we will contact you with a non-obligatory quote. If you like what we have to offer, we agree on a time to deliver our bins and boxes to pack your belongings. After you are done packing, you give us a quick call, and we are ready for pick up. Then, our movers will come again to your address and pick up your things. They will make sure your things safely arrive at a short term storage NYC facility. Once your belongings are safe and secure, you can choose to get them back whenever you like. At the end, you need to either call us or reach us through our online customer app, whatever is more convenient.

    woman holding a box
    After you pack your belongings in our bins and boxes we will make sure to transport them safely to short term storage NYC

    Simplify Valet Storage & Moving short term storage services are convenient

    Do you need to store a few bulky pieces of furniture quickly or rent an apartment and need extra space? Short-term storage NYC is the solution for your problem. To make things clear, short term storage services entitle you to the same benefits of our other innovative storage solutions. You can enjoy the same level of comfort and convenience, independently of the duration of your rent. This type of storage solution is designed for individuals and families seeking extra space. Consequently, it is ideal for businesses aiming for a secure place for their office equipment. We can help you keep your camping, landscaping or skiing equipment. Also, we can store your garden furniture off-season or help you accommodate your student belongings during the summer.  Our movers will gladly help with your every storage requirement.

    man packing books for storage
    Use our short term storage solutions to help you with decluttering your home

    Short term storage NYC is a cost-effective solution for everyone who seeks flexibility

    Because the lease of a storage unit depends on the duration, short term storage solutions can be a cost-effective way to store your belongings. If you need flexibility, turn to a moving company that specializes in providing such storage solutions. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving has a reputation of being one of the most reliable moving companies serving all five NYC boroughs. You can count on our storage moving experts to develop the best solution that fits your needs.

    You need to make a call, and we will do all the rest

    Ensure yourself a short term storage NYC service delivery by contacting us today. We can guarantee delivery within 24-48 hours from the time you make the request. You can always reach our customer service to make an inquiry. You can rest assured that our Simplify Valet Storage & a Moving representative will be available for assistance for additional information.

    What Our Customers Say

    “Great service!”


    I was beyond happy with my moving experience! They were efficient and also took great care of my property. Everything arrived in perfect condition! Would definitely choose them again for my next move.


    - Miriam Neustadt


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