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    University is fun and exciting, so you do not want to waste too much energy finding student storage NYC for all your belongings. There are more than a few life situations that require you to rent a student storage unit. There may also be times when you find yourself without a convenient storage place for your items between student house moves or during the summer holidays. But do not worry because Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC is on hand with practical and student storage units. We are perfect for university storage! We offer small and large storage units for rent along with flexible timeframes while you take on your transition. 

    Our valet storage solutions are here at your disposal

    Firstly, valet storage does all the heavy lifting for you. Therefore, valet storage services are waiting for your call, and they are pleased to help you out. Additionally, we come and pick up the containers when they are packed and go and transport them to a safe and secure storage facility. When you want to have your items back, we will deliver them right to your doorstep. Our valet storage solutions are a product of years of experience and tailor-made to meet your specific needs. What does this mean you have to do? Not a whole lot, honestly. Especially when compared to using student storage services, valet storage does everything. While this may seem like service for a luxurious lifestyle, it can be more affordable than renting a self-storage unit, too.

    A student storage NYC
    Turn your vacation from stressful to an amazing one with our valet storage services. Contact Simplify Valet Storage & Moving

    Be sure that our valet storage is right for you 

    Fortunately, if you only need to store small items, our moving services will give you storage containers or boxes. After that, you will be responsible for packing your things. However, you may also get our packing services if you do not want to do it yourself. That container will remain sealed to ensure that no one gets access to it but you. As for large items, our moving company is offering one-stop solution packing services. So it is easier and more hassle-free for you to store these away. After packing, your items will be in a warehouse space. When you need your things back, you can contact Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC and schedule your date and time to have your belongings delivered back. We want you to have a more straightforward moving experience.

    Our student storage NYC is taking your back

    Our storage facilities are conveniently located, offering student storage in many University towns. You will not have to travel far to grab your belongings whenever you are ready to move in or out. That will allow you to get organized at your own pace and in an uncluttered environment. If you are unsure where your nearest Valet Storage is, our online store locator will help you find storage rooms close to your university. Nevertheless, whatever you cannot fit in, you can keep it securely in our student storage in NYC.

    We offer small storage units in the form of large lockers where you can stow a couple of suitcases. Or larger storage rooms suitable for spare furniture if you find yourself with more stuff than you expected. If you are not sure what size unit you will need, use the Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC guide that will be helpful for you. Moreover, check our storage estimate. And please, let us help you. If you accept our help, you can have peace of mind and do what you do best. Let us take care of the rest.

    Valet storage
    Placing your belongings at our student storage NYC will be easy if you have us by your side

    Simplify Valet Storage & Moving will provide you peace of mind while you are away

    There is no point lugging all your stuff back home to bring it back again in September. With student storage for college students, whether you are from the local town or traveling from further afield, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC can provide you with safe and secure storage units for your items during the holidays. Our self-storage units are clean and damp-free, so you can leave your belongings in them with peace of mind that they will stay pristine while you are away. Furthermore, do not forget to find out how to prepare your items for storage properly.

    Moreover, your student storage space will be personal to you, with a unique PIN code giving you the freedom to access your storage room seven days a week. Your belongings will stay secure with around-the-clock security monitoring. Making sure everything is where you left it. If you plan a gap year or a stint of travel, student storage could be the perfect storage for your belongings while you are away. Everything you do not take with you can be securely and neatly stored away, giving mum and dad more storage space at home.

    Student storage will take care of your stuff over the summer holidays

    It is nearly the end of the year, and whether it is your first or final year at university, hopefully, you have had a great time. Balancing your studies and social life can be challenging, so you are probably looking forward to a deserved break over the summer holidays. When it comes to moving home, bringing all of your stuff back at once can be a daunting experience. Therefore, our movers will gladly help you out!

    One of the student storage
    Your precious items are safe and secured in the capable hands of our Simplify Valet Storage & Moving

    Furthermore, if you plan to return soon, it does not make much sense to pack up everything you own and bring it back to your family home. However, with the dose of professionalism and business optimism, we guarantee to help you in the following areas:

    Besides the services mentioned above, we are constantly working on improving and streamlining all our processes. Although it might be the cheapest option to move everything to your parents’ house, it may not be the most sensible or convenient option for everyone. Nevertheless, if you have things that you need to store, Valet Storage may be one of the best for you. When you work with Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC, your experience gets even better. Our process is effortless, quick, and can be controlled entirely through our online platform from the comfort of your home. So feel free to contact us as soon as possible and check our special discounts! 

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    I was beyond happy with my moving experience! They were efficient and also took great care of my property. Everything arrived in perfect condition! Would definitely choose them again for my next move.


    - Miriam Neustadt


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