Storing clothes: how to do it right?

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    When it comes to storing clothes after relocation, it’s good to know at least these things are not complicated. This is because it’s one of the easiest tasks to perform. Moving usually takes up a lot of time and preparation. However, if you do it correctly, the chores that await will be easier for you. If you are still in the preparation process, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving can ease that process in no time. All in all, if you want to find out how to settle in your new home, stick with us.

    Unpacking after the move

    One of the first things you need to do after you relocate refer to unpacking. This is one of those tasks that is definitely easier than previous ones. Moreover, unpacking is much more comfortable than packing, because you already have things in one place. All it takes is some good organization and time management. Hence, this is what can help when unpacking after the move:

    A girl picking clothes
    Before you start sorting your clothes, make sure to unpack.
    • Create a system. This requires you to think outside of the box. Develop a good unpacking plan that you will completely adjust to yourself.
    • Start with the kitchen. The most delicate stuff is usually related to the kitchen. Get those appliances to their new spot and organize your kitchen setup the way you want.
    • The bulkiest things come next. Reassembling furniture and other movable should come among the first. Those are both the heaviest and the largest items, which is why it would be better to place them first. Furniture storage NYC is a great place to store some extra bulky stuff you don’t need right then and there.
    • Hence comes the bedroom. Arrange all bedrooms in your house after you place the beds.
    • The bathroom gets the final touches. Set all the basic things in your bathroom after you arrive. The rest comes after you completely unpack.
    • Setting up utilities comes last. This is one of those dull things you have to do. However, deal with them after you unpack.
    • Don’t forget to instal security systems. Even though it seems a bit over the top, trust us. Installing security systems is one of the first things to do. Do it on your first day.
    Family unpacking
    Unpacking and setting up utilities comes among the first things to do.

    Creating a new set up in your home

    Before you start setting up your new house, consider storing some items you might not need. Whether you’ll need them sooner or later, short term storage NYC is a great deal for your things. On the other hand, creating a new setup in your home is usually one of the most interesting tasks you’ll have. After the relocation, you’ll want to rest a bit. However, there is no better way to rest than by being creative and doing something you’ll actually like.

    Your ultimate checklist of setting up home should look like this:

    1. Set the budget – If you want to put some of your vibes into your new house, there is a small price to pay. Be innovative, yet efficient.
    2. Check utility prices – One of the things you should keep in mind at all times is your bills. However, this doesn’t mean obsessing over it. Just check all the prices before finally settling in.
    3. Give your house a thorough sweep – Cleaning is one of the first things you should actually do once you moved in. This is very important because all your stuff is going to be there.
    4. Set up drawers and closets – Now you can think about storing clothes and shoes where they belong. They do deserve special treatment.
    5. Your living room gets special attention – Let’s face it. Your living room should be one of the rooms you’ll spend most of your time in. Arrange it the way you think it should look.

    Storing clothes

    To start with, there are some things you can do before storing your clothes. You should do a complete sweep of your closet before you move. Minimalism is something more and more people turn to these days. However, if you’re not a fan of that idea, it might still be useful to donate your clothes before you relocate. There are various places to donate unwanted items in NY before a move to your new home.

    There are several tips to help you store your clothes correctly. They are usually very simple and don’t require any special treatment or energy. What you should do when storing your clothes is:

    • Cleaning all clothes before storing
    • Use protective materials
    • Consider putting lavender in between
    • Properly hang your clothes
    • Look for a dark, dry, and cold place
    • Occasionally check your storage

    Is storing all your clothes preferable?

    Using a storage unit for your clothes is very useful. Knowing how to properly store your clothes is actually even more useful. There are various benefits of renting a storage unit for different things. They also come in very handy when storing items you usually wouldn’t consider storing. When it comes to using storage for your clothes, all you need to know is that you should look for dry storage. Humid can damage your clothes and destroy them. Also, those places should be dry and cold. This is why checking your storage unit once in a while is very beneficial. You can keep an eye on your stuff.

    Clothes on hangar
    Find a great spot for your clothes once you relocate. Just make sure that you store them in a dark, dry, and cold place.

    Settling in

    After setting your utilities up, storing clothes, and arranging your living room, you are ready to start your life over. It’s really important to be responsible when it comes to things we usually don’t pay that much attention to. This refers to storing items such as clothes. They can easily be targeted by moths. You can prevent that and much more if you are careful and considerate towards it. Keep in mind you will need your clothes sometime soon. Keep it clean!

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