The advantages of renting short-term storage

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    Storages are not only a safe place to store your belongings but also, provide great protection from the wind and weather. Not having enough space in your home is a problem for many so renting short-term storage can be a good solution for many different situations that you may find yourself in. By renting short-term you can have one worry less during your move or renovation. Also if you find yourself in a situation where you inherit belongings from your loved ones and you have no place in your home you can temporarily store them until you find a solution for what to do. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving will tell you about the advantages of renting short-term storage.

    Furniture storage

    Furniture storage can become necessary in many situations. If you are being transferred professionally, but do not want to take your entire household with you abroad. You want to move to a new location but would like to take your time to find a suitable domicile. Maybe you have inherited furniture and antiques, but cannot integrate them into your household, but do not want to part with the furniture either. You want to renovate, but do not know where to put your furniture. Renting short-time storage can be the best solution for many situations that you find yourself in.

    Renting short-term storage
    By temporarily storing your furniture you can take off some of the stress that comes with a move or a renovation.

    Seasonal storage

    You may be wondering why seasonal storage is so popular. The big advantage is this: if you have space problems due to the different seasons, seasonal storage is the optimal solution. One variant of seasonal storage is that you rent a storage space only for a certain period of time. This can be only a few weeks to several months. For example, you do not know where to put garden chairs, garden tables,s and parasols in winter. The typical summer or even winter storage goods you simply stow away in the storage room, as long as it is not needed. There it is stored safely and dry. By renting short-term storage you can safely store your belongings during an off-season. As a plus, you do not need to get stress about the space that would take in your home.

    Becoming a minimalist

    The world is changing at a rapid pace. Having too many items can not only be overwhelming but also bad for you and the planet. So, if you decided to follow a minimalist way of living renting short-term storage can be beneficial for you. After you decide to declutter your home, you can move all the items you no longer need to store. After that, you can slowly start to sort them out. Some items you can probably sell and some you can donate. Make sure that you pack the items into plastic storage bins. In that way, you will have more place in a storage unit for items that could continue serving their purpose. Plus you will make less garbage and help our planet a little more.

    Renting short-term storage for renovation

    If you decide to renovate your home renting short-term storage can be a lifesaver. You may decide to renovate the entire house or redesign only individual rooms. Renovation can be planned for different reasons, you purchase a new home, sustainability, age-appropriate living, or modernization. No matter the reason there is a question that will come to your mind?. The huge advantage of renting short-term storage is that you can rent storage for only a couple of weeks or months, depending on how long your renovation will take time. By doing so you will make a safer environment for people that are doing the renovation. Also, your furniture will be protected from any damages that may occur during the renovation.

    Couple painting a wall
    Renting short-term storage can be of huge help during renovation.

    Tricks for perfect furniture storage

    In order to save on storage costs, you should plan and structure the storage unit well:

    • When storing furniture, it is possible to stack the moving boxes and the furniture, thus creating more storage space.
    • One should avoid placing the stored goods directly against the wall. This will ensure good ventilation in the storage room and prevent the items from starting to mold.
    • When storing, you can use the whole height, which means that the furniture can be placed on edge.
    • The objects that you do not use much are best to store in the back.
    • It is advisable to make an inventory list or site plan so that you know where items or moving boxes are located. This again provides an overview of the belongings, even during storage.

    Renting short-term storage during separation

    Divorce from your significant other is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Add to that the stress of moving out and can be overwhelming for even the strongest person. You probably decided to move on a short-term and now the question comes up, where should you put all your stuff. By renting short-term storage you can leave your belongings in a safe place until you find a new home. In that way, you will not put this burden on your friends or family that you may be staying in temporarily. It would be a good idea to downsize prior to your move. This is really important when you are moving out after divorce. Try to get rid of general items you have not used in a while or can do without.

    Woman in white dress shirt and black skirt sitting on gray couch
    It would be good for you to leave behind any sentimental items that are tied to your ex.

    We hope that now is clear to you all the advantages of renting short-term storage. It can be good for you in many situations and it can help you greatly. Contact us if you need to rent a storage unit. We will be happy to help you find the best storage unit that will suit your needs.

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