The Best Neighborhoods In NYC to Rent an Office

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    New York city is the center of the world when it comes to business and business opportunities. There are many places to do business in NYC and you will be spoiled for choice. That’s why we’ve made this list of the best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office in. Before you call up any commercial movers NYC, there are plenty of factors to consider, so let’s get right to it!

    Historic New York Buildings.
    Determining the best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office is quite difficult, since there are so many great ones.

    Best Neighborhoods in NYC to Rent an Office In

    You have to consider many factors before you pick — amenities, accessibility, pricing etc. That’s why we’ve picked a number of locations for you to pick from.


    Tribeca is an amazing place to rent an office in. With its historical architecture and trendy vibes, it tops our list for best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office in. Tribeca is located in Lower Manhattan, it is easily accessible by public transit, which means your employees and clients won’t have to struggle to find a cab. It is home to some of the world’s best eateries and hip boutiques, which are both great perks for a workplace.

    Some of the notable businesses that are headquartered in Tribeca include Two Sigma Investments, Citigroup, Edelman, Warby Parker, and many many others.

    However, such luxury comes at a premium price. The cost of space in Tribeca is quite high. It averages at about $87 per square foot to just rent in this neighborhood.

    Since a good chunk of Tribeca are various designated historic districts, which are protected by the State of New York, this means that there is only a limited number of office space buildings in the area.


    Located right next to Tribeca is Soho. This is another area filled with elegant historic architecture, fashionable vibes, and world-class restaurants. Similar to Tribeca, Soho is also very accessible via public transit.

    Compared to Tribeca, Soho’s market is a bit less competitive, with the average rent being $77 per square foot. There’s also a bit of a real estate boom when it comes to office space, which is driving the prices down, and allowing easy relocation for businesses of all sizes. So, maybe it’s time to ring up some commercial movers Manhattan and join the growing number of businesses that call Soho their home.

    Columbus Circle

    Located in the heart of New York City, just southwest of Central Park, Columbus Circle is one of the most iconic parts of the city. This neighborhood has so many things to offer it is almost ridiculous. Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and The Shops are just among the few things that this stunning neighborhood has up its sleeve.

    Like the previous neighborhoods, Columbus Circle is easily accessible by most forms of public transport. In addition, it is also connected to the West Side Highway. That means that it is a very convenient spot for commuters that are coming from New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, etc.

    The area is a well-known business hub, with many stockbrokers and banks operating in the neighborhood. A couple of the better-known companies that call Columbus Circle their home are Hearst Media, Penguin Random House, and Time-Warner AOL.

    You’ll be surprised to find out that the average office rent in Columbus Circle isn’t much higher than the NYC average at about $78 per square foot. It’s hard not to put Columbus Circle on the list of best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office in.

    A oddly empty New York street.
    New York is filled with amazing architecture.

    Midtown Manhattan

    Midtown Manhattan is by far the largest business district in the world. Thousands upon thousands of businesses make it their home. It’s no wonder considering the sheer amount of Class A office space. A couple of the big fish in Midtown Manhattan are Twitter, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America, and many others.

    There are many available options for businesses of all sizes, and the average rent is around $76 per square foot.

    Another positive aspect of Midtown is that it is the heart of the public transit system. Grand Central Station, Port Authority, and Pennsylvania Station all give access to workers from various suburbs, while the metro connects the area to the rest of New York City.

    Plaza District

    Some people consider the Plaza District to be a part of Midtown. Although that might be true in some ways, we have decided to split them for this list. The Plaza District is home to many of New York’s famous landmarks such as the Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, and MoMa. This district is a place where prestige and sophistication rule.

    The Plaza District is home to many of the world’s best-known financial corporations and consulting firms — JP Morgan, Accenture, Deloitte, to name just a few. The area is also home to NBC, News Corporation, and Grand Electric. The average rent is, unsurprisingly, quite high, with Class A office spaces averaging at around $95 per square foot. So, if that is not your speed it might be better to look up some commercial movers Brooklyn, and browse that up-and-coming area.

    A concrete bridge in New York.
    Most of the neighborhoods on this list have amazing accessibility to public transit. A very important factor when choosing a location for your business.

    Garment District/Penn Station

    This one is a bit of a gamble, but we feel it is a good one. However, before you start calling your valet packing service NYC, stop and consider a couple of things.

    The neighborhood around Penn Station is one of the hottest destinations for office investors right now. This area offers incredible public transport connections via the bus stations and the subway. In addition, there’s a wide range of Class A and Class B offices all around. This entire area will undergo staggering redevelopment in the next couple of years. That will sharply increase the demand and lead to higher rents.

    Moynihan Train Hall has just been finalized in early 2021, it was a $1.6 billion dollar investment that will allow for 50% more space for commuters, and is only the beginning of the revitalization of this neighborhood.

    Facebook has an office here, and is expanding it, capitalizing on the redevelopment of the area.


    There are plenty of amazing spaces in New York to open an office. However, not all can fit on the best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office list. So, before you pick, do a lot of research and choose carefully. Hopefully, we helped in making the right decision for you and your company.

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