Things you can’t keep in your storage unit

There are many items that you can’t keep in your storage unit. And there are many legal and safety reasons why certain items are not allowed. So if you are planning to rent a storage space, you better make sure that you are not storing something from the prohibited list. To make it easy on you, Simplify Valet Storage and Moving NYC has prepared a list of items that most storage companies will not allow in their facilities. Take a look before you rent a unit.

You can keep only legal items in storage

One of the first things that you can do to check whether your items are prohibited in storage units is whether they are legal. Everything that is illegal cannot be stored in storage units. Whether we are talking about illegal firearms, illegal substances, or items that are acquired during illegal activities. Nothing of that sort is allowed in storage facilities. So before you go and start searching for some good storage units Manhattan has to offer, make sure that your items are legit. Because if they’re not, might suffer legal consequences.

boxes with items you can’t keep in your storage unit
You cannot store illegal items in a storage unit.

You can’t keep valuables inside a storage unit

Another thing that you have to understand right from the start is that commercial storage units are not fitted for storing valuables. Even though every modern full service storage NYC has to offer, has security systems like 24/7 surveillance or an alarm system, those facilities are not suitable for storing valuable art, jewelry, nor cash for that matter. Every storage company states clearly that such items are not allowed. They are simply not armed enough to store valuables and they want you, as their potential customer, and other interested parties to know that.

Don’t try to store explosives in self storage

There are certain items that everyone will understand why they are banned. For example, explosives. Luckily, we don’t see too many people looking to store explosives these days. But if those people came and asked whether they can store some c4 and a few hand grenades, the answer from every respectful storage company would be a definitive no.

Self storage is not suitable for perishable items

All the way on the other end of the danger scale we have perishable foods. Not so deadly and destructive as explosives but equally as banned. If you are planning to use your storage unit as a second pantry where you will store your food supplies, we will have to disappoint you. Perishable foods are a potential health threat. And storage companies do not want to have anything to do with that.

food on shelves
Perishable foods can’t go inside a self-storage unit. Find a better place to keep your food supplies

If you are, on the other hand planning to store your doomsday supplies, for example, you might want to check that with your storage company as some of them actually allow canned food to be stored at their facilities. Of course, in that case, they will ask you to additionally pack them. So think about hiring some packing services NYC has to offer. They will surely know how to pack your cans.

You can’t store any liquid items in your storage unit

Ok, so food is off the table. But is it at least ok to store some drinks in your storage unit? Unfortunately, in most cases, all types of liquids are not suitable for storage. And this refers to drinkable liquids as well as different chemicals, paints, paint thinners, oils, and such. Those types of items are very dangerous to leave unattended as they can create all sorts of problems. Starting with fire. So most storage companies ban liquids completely.

Batteries are a potential hazard

Similar to liquids, batteries can also create all sorts of problems in storage facilities. Batteries are essentially containers for liquids. However, those types of liquids are very dangerous.  Sulfuric acid that you can mostly find in lead batteries has a tendency to leak after a certain time. And it can create significant damage to a storage unit. So if you are thinking about storing your car battery, or something similar check with your storage company. Most likely you will not be able to put it in your storage unit.

lot's of batteries
Batteries can leak. Do not keep them in storage. Instead, take them to recycle

Breakable items are also not good for storage

One of the things that most storage companies will not accept is breakable items. Items made of glass, porcelain, and other brittle materials are usually items that you can’t keep in your storage units. Those items are very easy to damage. And from the early beginnings, storage companies had nothing but trouble storing such items. That is why, today, they usually avoid dealing with breakable items as much as they can. Of course, there are some exceptions. But you will have to check with your storage company. As every company has its own policies and rules – rules that are sometimes possible to bend to a certain degree.

Make sure that you find good storage

As you can see there are many items you can’t keep in your storage unit. Still, you have to be aware that every storage company has its own policies regarding this subject. That is why you need to check with your storage supplier in order to make sure that you stay within legal requirements. Another thing that you need to think about when renting a storage space is that you find a quality storage company that can provide your items with a proper environment. Of course, you need to find a storage facility that offers dry, clean, pest-free, climate-controlled space. And you need to make sure that they are a trustworthy and reputable company that people trust.

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