Tips for choosing the right boxes for NYC storage

When we are putting items in a storage facility, we need to make sure that those items are well packed. First to protect them during transport. Then to protect them against physical and environmental damage that is inevitable, especially with long-term storage. And finally to make our items easier to stack. Choosing the right boxes for NYC storage is therefore not so simple a task as you may think it would be. But don’t worry. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving has prepared some tips to help you choose your boxes right and provide your items with perfect protection.

Is using free boxes a good idea?

There are a lot of things to think about if choosing the right boxes for NYC storage is your goal. You need to determine the number of boxes, their size, shape, etc. But before all that you need to make an important decision about the quality of your boxes. Which is really more a budget-related question. As you may probably already know, there are many ways to acquire free moving boxes nowadays. Those are, of course, used boxes.

pile of used boxes
Free boxes are the cheapest solution but they do not provide adequate protection. Use them only when you have to.

And even though there are some quality pieces to be found this way. For the most part, you will be getting low-quality boxes that are not really suitable for packing household items. So we suggest that you use this option only if you are certain that you researched all storage facilities Long Island City offers and found the best one.

Do you need boxes of the highest quality?

If you decide to invest in your packing materials, you will be able to choose from a variety of different qualities. And it will all come down to how much your items are important to you and how much you are aware of the dangers that are threatening them. The first things that you have to consider, obviously, are the condition and weaknesses of your items. Then there is the transportation part. How will your items get to the storage facility? Are you going to transport them in your own vehicle or you are using storage pick up services? Then you have to think about the outdoor as well as in-storage conditions.

If there is heavy precipitation on the day of transport, you have to think about that. If your storage facility is not climate controlled, you have to make sure that your items are safely tucked in. Of course, you have to consider possible physical damage while in storage. Think about all those things if you want to be on the path of selecting the right boxes for NYC storage.

How to determine the required number of boxes

Once you decide on the quality of boxes you want to use, you should determine the number. Of course, you have to determine the sizes and whether you want to use certain specialized boxes like mattress boxes, dish packs, or maybe mirror boxes. To be able to make a precise list of boxes that you need to acquire, you need to go through your entire inventory.

using calculator
Make a moving inventory list and use it to decide on the exact number of required boxes.

Make a list with all the items you are planning to put in some self storage NYC offers. Use this process to see whether there are certain items that you may want to get rid of instead of putting them in storage. That way you can rent a cheaper unit and save money on packing materials. Once you finalize your inventory list, you will have a much easier task of choosing the right boxes for NYC storage.

Consider using specialized boxes

While you are calculating the number of boxes, think about whether you want to use some specialized boxes for certain parts of your inventory. For example, if you are storing expensive suits, you can get those wardrobe boxes that will help them maintain their perfect form. Or if you have an expensive painting to store, get a mirror box that fits its dimensions. Nowadays you can find specialized boxes for just about everything. Mattresses, laps, light bulbs, flat screens, etc.

Such boxes might be more expensive. But their advantage is that they are at the same time making the packing process easier and providing your items with perfect protection. If they fit your budget, and they can fit your Manhattan mini storage boxes, for example, it is definitely recommended that you use them.

a pile of boxes
Will you use universal square boxes or you will utilize those specialized solutions?

Where to get your storage boxes?

Another thing that you have to think about when choosing the right boxes for NYC storage is where to get your packing supplies from. Of course, you have a virility of options, regardless of where you are stationed right now. You can get them online, at those all-in-one stores, and you can, of course, get them from your storage provider. Naturally, we suggest that you compare all prices and if it’s possible, get those that your storage company provides. They know their facility the best. And they are certainly providing high-quality materials.

Even the best boxes will not help you if you put your items in an inadequate storage

If you consider all the factors properly, you will be able to choose the right boxes for NYC storage. Still, you need to understand that even the best boxes won’t help if you do not find a good storage facility to keep them safe. That is why the best thing would be to find a storage company that has a modern facility and can provide packing services and do pick up and delivery as well. If you find such professionals, choosing the right boxes for NYC storage will not be of your concern anymore.

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