Tips for finding a perfect house in the city

Whether you’re planning to buy or rent, finding a house in NYC is never easy. The real estate market is competitive, and you’ll need to consider location, budget, and a range of other factors as well. Besides, with the ongoing pandemic and precautions, open house visits are mostly by appointment only. However, finding a perfect house in the City that Never Sleeps is possible, if you know how to tackle the task right. As a local NYC company, Simplify Valet Storage & Moving NYC has a few tips and tricks to make your house-hunting in the city easier. So, find what those are in the text below, and find your new home in no time.

Finding a perfect house in the City that Never Sleeps

Spring and summer are especially competitive seasons when it comes to finding a house in the Big Apple. These are also the busiest for residential movers as well. But, this doesn’t mean that during the colder months finding the ideal home in the city gets a lot easier. The buying and renting property market is highly competitive throughout the year. Hence, you’ll need to be well-prepared in order to act quickly when the opportunity arises. First thing first, do your part and have all the documents needed at hand. These are essential:

  • 2 months of bank statement
  • Last 2 years of the tax return confirmation
  • Confirmation of employment
  • Scanned copy of your ID
  • Reference letter from a landlord

With these and other documents you may need neatly tucked in a folder, you’re one step closer to finding your dream house in the city. And here’s how to proceed on that mission.

A person holding a document
Have your documents at hand to simplify your house purchase or rental

Sort out your budget

The Big Apple offers huge diversity, and the housing question is not an exception. You’ll find anything from micro studio apartments to lavish mansions. The only limit to renting or buying your perfect house here is your budget. Our seasoned Financial district movers advise you to start putting your finances in order with time to spare. Once you’re ready to pull the trigger on finding your perfect house in NYC, you need to factor in the upfront costs too. If you’re renting, here’s what to consider:

  • Application fee. Finding a perfect house in the city is a costly project. Hence, once you’ve found a place of interest, you’ll need to submit an application form. This isn’t for free. But the good news is that these fees are now regulated by law, and the most a landlord can charge you is $20.
  • Good faith deposit. Some landlords require an amount between $500 and one month’s rent as a guarantee that you have serious interest in renting the home. This is usually paid by bank checks, and cash isn’t accepted. If your application gets refused, you’ll get a full refund. If it gets accepted, the deposit will be used to cover part of the upfront costs once you rent the place.
  • Security deposit. You’ll have to pay an amount of one month’s rent up front, as a guarantee that you won’t cause any damages to the place you’re renting.
  • Broker fee. So, this can be between one month’s rent and 15% of the annual rent you’re paying.

Well, you knew this already – life in NYC is expensive. Thus, work out your budget ahead of time, and figure how much you can spend on finding your dream house in the city.

A model house and coins
Determine your housing budget before you set on your house hunting project

Determine the location

You don’t need to be a real estate expert to know that location is vital when finding the perfect property is in question. First, you don’t want to be 50 blocks away from your office every morning. And then, opening the front door and getting out in the open with no safety concerns is also an important aspect of finding your ideal home in the city. Hence, determine your priorities first, and then determine the location accordingly. NYC is huge, and there are many neighborhoods offering different lifestyles and catering to all sorts of expectations.

Booking the finest Soho movers is a tempting prospect, but can you actually afford the living costs in an upscale location? So, here are the average rentals in NYC by borough.

  • Manhattan – $4000 and going up. For many, finding a perfect house in the city means putting roots in one of Manhattans’ neighborhoods. But, note that living expenses here are the highest on a national level. Hence, renting in Manhattan might just be a financial burden, rather than a dream come true. So, consider your budget mindfully.
  • Brooklyn – $3000. Following shortly after Manhattan, Brooklyn is the most expensive place to live in NYC.
  • Queens – $2,500. This family-friendly borough is more affordable overall than the previous two.
  • The Bronx – $1,600. Due to the proximity, here you can enjoy Manhattan without having to pay Manhattan rents. So, if budget is in question, and location is paramount, you may find your ideal house in the Bronx.
  • Staten Island. $1,500. If the long commute to the central areas isn’t an issue, this predominantly residential borough is the most budget-friendly option for renting your ideal home.
A broker with clients
Hiring a broker for finding a perfect house in the city comes with a price tag, but you’ll save lots of time and effort

Hire a broker for finding a perfect house in the city

If you’re running on a busy schedule, hiring a broker to find the perfect house in NYC that matches your criteria and budget is a solid solution. However, we’ve already mentioned that this comes with a price tag. So, based on your individual circumstances, work out if hiring a broker is your most cost-effective option. A broker will save you lots of time and effort, but it will surely make a dent in your wallet. However, the trade-off here is that if you’re short on time, you may actually benefit from the services of a broker, even in a financial sense.

Find your ideal home online

If you have time on hand, invest it into researching property listings online. There are numerous no-fee apartment search resources that will help you find your perfect abode in the city at minimal costs.

In conclusion, follow our abovementioned tips for finding a perfect house in the city and you’re sure to benefit from them. With a thoughtful budget plan, knowing what you’re after and where and how to look for it, you’ll ensure the success of your mission. Good luck.

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