Tips for preventing damage during a move

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    When it comes to relocation, there are many things to take care of. Surely, one of them is preventing damage during a move. And the best way to prevent items from being damaged is to keep them out of harm’s way. However, it can be challenging when you have to move your items to a new home. So, preventing damage during your relocation might be foremost in your mind. Yet it doesn’t have to immobilize you. That’s why moving and storage NYC professionals made this guide. In order to keep your home, your stuff, and yourself as well, safe from harm during your relocation.

    Preventing damage during a move

    One of the first things that you can think of is to prepare everything ahead. So that there won’t be a need to hurry and consequently damage something. However, even though it’s a good idea, there may be some forms of breakage that are hard to avoid. Hence, before you relocate, make sure you’ve made a safety net. In order to protect you in case something goes wrong. If you’re worried about smashing your priceless antiques, these tips will provide you with an extra piece of mind:

    • Make sure to get moving insurance
    • Create an inventory
    • Hire professionals

    With movers Staten Island you can rest assured that your items won’t be damaged during your local move!

    Make sure to get moving insurance

    Remember that an insurance policy offers excellent protection of your possessions. However, it might not fully cover relocation damage. So you should check your existing homeowner’s policy. In order to see what’s covered. And if it is lacking somewhere see if your moving company offers insurance. Because some policies will cover theft, but no breakage. So it is to consider purchasing a separate relocation insurance policy. If you are not sure about moving insurance, you can always consult with moving companies in the Bronx to clarify it to you.

    A businessman is giving a woman a contract
    Get insurance when preventing damage during a move

    Create an inventory and prevent damage during a move

    You should know that without an inventory file, it can be hard to prove that an item has been lost. Or damaged. So, while you’re packing, note each belonging as well as its condition. You can even take pictures of your items. So, if your moving company makes its own inventory list, you can double-check it. Remember that written documentation will be an unbiased third party. Because if is something is damaged, it will be much easier to figure out who is responsible for fixing, or replacing that item.

    Opened notebook with pencil and brush
    Create an inventory

    Hire professionals

    Usually, a professional moving company is often the best option. Because professional movers make living packing boxes and lifting your items. Hence they’re less likely to make a mistake. Or damage your items. Since they have more experience than you when it comes to relocation. A professional moving team can complete an entire move more quickly and safely. Compared when you do it yourself.

    Preventing damage while packing is another important factor

    Another important thing when preventing damage during your move is to pack your items properly. Since the majority of moving damage rises from packing your belongings in the wrong way. However, you try these tricks:

    • Use padding
    • Tape it right
    • Get the right container
    • Dissemble

    Use padding when preventing damage during a move

    The fact is that you can’t rely on any pages to get you through your relocation. Since the ink can easily rub off onto your items’ surfaces. Instead, you can look for plain newsprint paper through a local moving supply store. Your upholstered furniture should be wrapped with plastic wrap. Or with moving blankets. In order to prevent scrapes and staining. When it comes to glass tabletops and doors, those should be wrapped with foam sheeting. Or with bubble wrap, and even thick blankets. For any sharp corners, make sure to wrap them. So they don’t cause breakage if they come into contact with something fragile.

    A person is holding a plastic bag
    Use padding when preventing damage during a move

    Tape it right

    You already know that padding is not useful if it doesn’t stay put. So, wrap fragile items. And make sure that they’re entirely covered in newsprint or bubble wrap. And tape the padding tightly. Hence it won’t unravel. Or slip off. Additionally, don’t let the sticky tape come into contact with the thing you’re wrapping up. Because the adhesive could remove paint. Or leave a residue.

    Get the right container

    Keep in mind that specialized boxes are perfectly designed with certain contents in mind. So, when it comes to packing drinking glasses, flat-screen TVs, or other easily harmed items, you should consider buying specialty moving boxes. As for the rest of your items, pick boxes that aren’t likely to collapse. So you can use sturdy cardboard boxes, plastic totes, and suitcases. If you don’t want to purchase new boxes you can rent plastic moving boxes. Since it is usually cheaper than buying disposable ones. With local moving companies in NYC, you can get all the information about the materials you need for packing your items.

    Disassemble when preventing damage during a move

    It is logical that taking your furniture apart will make it lighter. And more portable too. Hence you’ll be less likely to drop it. Or even scuff the walls when trying to get it out the door. By removing headboards, cabinet doors, and legs will surely make these sensitive parts easier to wrap up. And tuck away. So they won’t harm other items on the truck. Remember to remove any drawers or doors. And pack them separately. Also, disassembly doesn’t have to be limited to just furniture. You can disassemble other of your smaller items. For instance, those that contain glass. So it won’t get broken during the transport.

    We hope that with these tips for preventing damage during a move you will have a successful relocation!

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