Tips for storing bulky furniture

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    Storing sounds super easy. After all, you just chuck everything you don’t need right now in a storage unit, right? Wrong! Well, at least if you want your items to stay in mint condition. You can, of course, store however you like, but you’ll be risking damaging or completely ruining your items if you do so. Many companies, like Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, offer great storage for a great price. That can, luckily, alleviate some of the stress of looking for quality storage. However, even if you have the best storage space, there are still some challenges that storing poses, especially when storing bulky furniture, or similar items. That said, it is possible to store even the bulkiest of items successfully, no matter how sturdy or fragile they are. You just have to make sure to prepare your items as well as your storage for storing.

    Great storage is a must when storing bulky furniture

    Bulky furniture can be very demanding when it comes to storing. There’s just so much to consider and to be wary of. You have to be mindful of:

    • The size
    • The security
    • The conditions
    A woman talking on the phone to the storage company and inquiring about conditions in which she'd be It's important to prepare your storage unit before storing bulky furniture.
    It’s important to learn about the conditions storage facilities have to offer!

    Most of that, however, applies to storing in general. Because of that, many companies all throughout New York made sure to develop great quality storage services NYC residents will love. However, you still have to make sure that you’re choosing one of these great companies if you hope to have a top-quality storage unit. Your main focus should be quality even if you’re storing something like bulky items and furniture. On top of that, you might want to consider climate-controlled storage if what your storing is sensitive to those sorts of factors.

    Beware of storage scams

    Just like in moving, there are many frauds and scams that go on in the storage industry. That’s why you have to make sure you’re storing with a reputable company. No professional storage companies will ever ask you to sign any contracts without getting written storage estimates, and if that happens, that’s an instant red flag. You should be aware of the fact that people’s items sometimes even go missing or are held hostage by companies! However, that only happens with fraudulent moving or storage companies. Still, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Do a thorough research of the company you’re thinking of storing with beforehand.

    Storing bulky furniture requires a lot of preparation

    There’s usually a lot to do before storing. You have to make sure that both your items and storage unit are ready for storing. That, though, can be very time-consuming but is something that you just have to do if you want to store properly. There are many questions to ask yourself. Cardboard boxes vs plastic bins, what is the right way to store? Should I be splurging for climate-controlled storage? Should I wrap my furniture in bubble wrap? All these questions are something you should ask yourself before you venture into the world of storage.

    Preparing storage for bulky furniture

    Preparing storage for bulky furniture simply requires some time and dedication. It’s not that hard in itself, but it can be demanding. To prepare the storage unit you should:

    • Clean it spotless so no furniture gets dirty
    • Dry it thoroughly if it seems overly moist
    • Clear it out if it’s already in use
    • Lay out plastic panels on the floor to ensure your furniture is protected from any water

    That said, most of these concerns are not an issue if you’re storing with a company that takes care of their storage units. That’s just one more reason why you should choose to store with true professionals.

    A person cleaning.
    It’s important to prepare your storage unit before storing bulky furniture!

    Prepare your bulky furniture for storing

    There are many things you should do to prepare your items for storage. Just getting items ready for packing is a task in itself. You can’t just pack items willy nilly and expect everything to go well. That’s just not how packing and storing works. So if you want to preserve your furniture you should take these preparations seriously and make sure you do them correctly.

    Prepare each piece of bulky furniture for storing

    The first step of preparing any piece of bulky furniture for storing is cleaning it thoroughly and possibly repairing it. Damages tend to get worse during storing, especially in non-optimal conditions. So if you want to store your furniture properly, make sure to clean it and repair it before packing!

    Pack each piece accordingly

    You can’t pack every piece of furniture the same. That’s why, when packing furniture for storing, you have to be flexible. Large and robust items obviously don’t fit into boxes. So make sure to wrap items like that with either bubble wrap or plastic wrap. Items that can be disassembled, should be disassembled and packed into boxes.

    Organize your storage unity properly

    Once your furniture is ready for storage, it’s finally time to load the storage unit. However, you shouldn’t do that mindlessly. You should make sure there’s a logical order to how you load your unit. The larger and heavier items should always be at the back, while smaller and lighter items should be at the front. That said, you can make some changes to that if you think you’ll need a particular item soon. However, no matter how you decide to organize your unit, you should make sure you know where’s what. That can be very helpful should you need anything from the unit.

    Two people carrying a heavy couch.
    It’s important to organize a storage unit well!

    Storing bulky furniture might be time-consuming but it’s not that hard

    Whether you’re moving or are just hoping to open up some space in your home, you might look into storing bulky furniture. Storing is a great way to get rid of something you don’t need right now, without truly getting rid of it. However, you have to be mindful when storing your items. You might be very disappointed to find some of your items ruined once you need them in the future. Storing is a science and you should learn more about it before committing to it!

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