Tips for storing vinyl records

Vinyl records are a treasure. They belong to another world than the one we have today. A more luxurious world of a different quality than the usual chaotic business we have today. A more glamorous world, if you will. Furthermore, they are still very popular today because of their lasting value. Some would say that there is no better way to enjoy the music than listening to it on the record player. If you’re one of those people, and you collect and treasure your vinyl records, you also know how fragile they are. It’s important to take good care of them. You clean them regularly and use them carefully. In case of a move, you hire moving storage NYC for your vinyl records. As you are a collector, you should also know about storing vinyl records properly. Therefore, we have prepared a few tips you should read most carefully.

storing vinyl records
Storing vinyl records properly is very important if you want to preserve them for a long time.

Clean thoroughly before you think about storing vinyl records

If you have a considerable collection of vinyl records, consider yourself lucky. Records are harder and harder to come by and the fact that you have them speaks volumes of your good taste. They are a part of certain aesthetic many people admire, but only a few truly understand. As you must be aware, your collection is pretty valuable. Therefore, it’s imperative you pay special attention to it. Whether you’re only doing a spring cleaning or planning to move, your records must be on your mind. Our first tip for you is to always clean your records. Furthermore, you should clean them thoroughly. Don’t use a piece of cloth or your shirt. You need to buy a record cleaner brush. By using this, you’ll know that you’ve done a good job because you won’t damage your records. Cleaning them right will ensure they won’t skip parts of your music.

Careful with the cleaning, and everything else when it comes to records

Sometimes it’s not as easy as simply brushing your vinyl records with a record cleaning brush. You probably have some oldies in your collections. Part of the charm of collecting records is getting them in unusual places. Therefore, different records in your collection might require different levels of dedication when it comes to cleaning. For some, you don’t need to do much of the work at all. However, if you have a record that you think requires thorough scrubbing, wait just one second. You needn’t be forceful. Try to find some cleaning solutions which can help. In most cases, just a few drops will do the trick. One important rule you should always follow is to avoid labels. You don’t want any surprises. Think about hiring short term storage in NYC if you’re planning to move and have no idea what to do with all of your records.

person storing vinyl records
Storing vinyl records can’t be left to chance. Clean them thoroughly first!

Storing vinyl records properly is not that hard if you know what to look out for

After you’ve cleaned your records properly, they are almost ready for you to store them. There are just a few things that are worth noting before you start. If you’re moving and don’t want your fragile records to get damaged in the process, there are ways to avoid this. You can contact reliable storage companies in NYC to help you. They know what they’re doing and you can rely on them to help you. Their storage spaces are usually safe and well-monitored. Don’t shy away from their help. Furthermore, you should follow these instructions when it comes to storing your records:

  • never stock them one on to of another
  • store them in their own jacket
  • store them in the upright position
  • don’t take chances by putting them near something that can damage them

By following these tips, you’ll avoid a lot of trouble. Make sure to keep pets away, too.

You can never be too careful when storing your records

Of course, if you need to take your records with you during a relocation, moving companies can help with that. Your best option is to hire storage NYC pickup. It’s a modern service where your moving company picks up anything you need and takes it to wherever you’re going. Just remember that you should store your records carefully first. Prepare them by placing them in the right position. Furthermore, you should make sure that they can’t move or hit against each other. Such things can happen even during the gentlest moves. And we don’t want to damage any of them. Don’t place them in a slant. Uneven pressure is not good for them. It goes without saying that you should also never place them on top of each other, whether they are in their jackets or not. Record’s jacket is also sustainable to damage, so pay close attention to it.

Don’t put your records in a horizontal position. They can be damaged that way.

Turn up the music and let’s go!

Now that you know how storing vinyl records works, you don’t have to worry. You know what to pay attention to and what to avoid. After all, you should approach storing your records with at least the same dedication as you do collecting them. It can be very hard to repair a scratched record. We’ve all heard the saying “to play like a broken record” and it exists for a reason. Nothing is more annoying than a broken record. You should try to avoid it at all costs. Furthermore, you should know the most important thing when it comes to records. It’s to know how to play them in the right way. Make sure never to touch the surface of a record. Grab it at the edge and don’t ever try to find the song you want by hand. Records are delicate things and you should treat them with respect.

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